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Yay! It’s back! It’s been a while hasn’t it!

To start it off, lets see who’s the first candidate!

Geeks’ Remix of Heaven – 24/7

Love geeks and Ailee, so, WOOP! Loved, Loved, LOVED the original song by Ailee and Geeks just rule so yeah, totally cool! You should deffinately check out some more of Geeks’ songs if you haven’t heard them all ready.


While you sleep/You sleep (?) by Aeon

I had to look up the translation for the title and that’s what I discovered! If you put either of those into youtube it doesn’t work… BLAME BING AND GOOGLE! This song is very mellow and the guitar plays a simple tune to help support this theme. Though some may find it slightly boring, I love Aeon so I’m use to this sad sounding stuff! They’re good – Some I love sad mannequin, Drug and Bullet Proof. They rule I tell you!

Thanks for voting! Who will win? Aeon or Geeks? Come back tomorrow to see!

Jo-Jo xx


Favourite Song of the Day

Well, my favourite song is still Boyfriend’s Janus… but that would just be mega boring, click on the link below to see my review on  Janus by Boyfriend.

My kind-of-fave-song is Punishment by Roh Ji Hoon

This song is pretty catchy and hes good at singing. Roh Ji Hoon is a new guy from Loen Music/Cube Entertainment. I think there’s been some confusement with his name and how you say it? Or somthing? But I don’t really care about that… All I care about that his album, “The Next Big Thing” is AWESOME! Some one said he’s like the male version of Hyuna (whom he also does a song with) which I think sounds about right! They do kinda act the same, though I still think Roh Ji Hoon is more innocent! I’m not really sure about the dancing, especially that trouser tug, ouch!

The MV is… hm… well, I’m sorry but, annoying! I mean what kinda plot is that! It’s a pretty boring MV where he stalks this pretty girl and then at the end they get together in the lift/elevator. Then she kidnaps him and ties him up, un blindfolds him and leaves…. what kinda plot it that?! Outfits are nice, set is kinda normal, and that chair hes tied onto near the end – did they steal that from Jong Kook’s All men are like that?

That’s all folks! I wrote a whole thing on what I think happens in this MV but it went and flipping deleted it! Not writing THAT all out AGAIN! ARG!

Check this out,

Pillow by Hot Potato,

This song is also one of by favourite songs today! They sound quite similar to coldplay, so listen to it if you wish!

Jo-Jo xx

Today – I’m just too distracting

Evenening all!

Just thought I would tell you all the hilarious things that have happened today!

So in maths, the person that sits between me and by bestfriend wasn’t here so I sat next to her and, lets just say, we went slightly bonkers! Well, not SLIGHTLY bonkers…. we went CRAZY! I have some gifs to demonstrate how we were,






I was nearly bouncing off the walls and juumping everywhere,


Then I stole my friends ruler and went mad dancing with it and singing Boyfriend’s Janus.


Then my maths teacher who was behind me was all like,


“Can you stop it please, you’re distracting”

Well, I just stared at my friend like,


And did it behind his back anway.

THEN! Because of my hyperness, I flung a pencil right next to the white board and he KEPT STEPPING ON IT!

Every time he moved away I tried to go and get it, but hen he’d just come back and step on it again!


I was SO scared that he would just step on it and SLIP!


Me and my bffl just couldn’t stop LAUGHING! But then I got told off for that too…


I think I may have used up all my energy now!

Look out for YO and FSOTD!


Favourite Song of the Day

From Boyfriend’s first album, Janus

Janus by Boyfriend

I use to be a super mad boyfriend fan girl, I loved and still love their songs (such as Love style, I’ll be there, Don’t touch my girl and Boyfriend.) Watched their little variety sho0w thing – Boyfriend W Academy untill I couldn’t find any more english sub -.-” So annoying (I’ll try and find some today).
BACK TO THE SONG! This song is seriously good. Love their singing (asusual) though this song is not AS catchy as some of their other songs, it’s still catchy! This song is quite different to their previous songs – especially boyfriend and love style witch were both quite cutesy (Well… most of their songs were cutesy) The beats good and the emotions that their singing potray is clevely done through both the acting, plot and their singing to give us the full emotional impact aswell as being impressed by their quality of their singing and the MV.

I love the MV, it’s been well crafted to go with the lyrics. Their fashion/outfits suit them SO MUCH! Who ever’s their stylist is GOOD! Their hair styles all suit them too! Also, are they wearing contact lenses or is it just the lighting?

At the very begining and through out the MV on the walls of this room there seem to be random kings and queens!

Wonder why they did that… There’ll probbly be some reason… maybe… probbly not

In some parts people have said their eyes are “massive!” but I don’t see it… maybe they are?

What I thought the plot of the MV was:

He (Youngmin) and this girl are all happy, then the girl decides that she doesn’t want to be with him any more (for some stupid reason) and pushes him away. He has to hide his feelings – though he still is confused and wants to be with her. He thinks that if he hides his feelings she will be able to smile again… I think that the snow represented that atfirst (when he saw it with the girl) it was something they could enjoy together and it was something pretty and enjoyable but then it becomes the coldeness and lonelyness he felt when she left him. Then the fire represented the anger and rage aswell as how he felt that he was burning up inside too. Then he tryies to tell him self that she wasn’t a bad girl and then when people asked if he was OK with all thats happened he says its fine but its not. From my understanding they laugh at him when hes angry about her living him but they pity him when hes lonely and upset about it…

Yeah… thats what I THOUGHT happened untill I watched it with subs… then I think I got the wrong idea – I think he told her to leave him  or somehting…? Ug Idk… I’ll just pretend that my analasis was correct 🙂 XD
English Subbed

Kwangmin is my bais, then Youngmin – the twins are just so sweet! Was very hard to choose one, but yeah. Off to try and watch Boyfriend W Academy now! See you soon!

Jo-Jo xx
PS. I may possiblt be getting addicted to Japanese dramas again!!

Favourite Song of the Day

Hello! Good Morning! Good afternoon!

How is every body today? I’M SO VERY HAPPY!

My Favourite song today is… Max Step by Younigue Unit.

(I just had to watch it in HD… it takes forEVER to load ._.)


This MV came out 3 days ago (on the 31st October – Halloween) and I’m suprised I didn’t descover it then since KAI IS IN IT!!! OMG TT_TT This is AWESOME! I was like oh, hey! SM released a new group. Clicked on it, saw Kai. Screamed, then went mad.

Ahem. So yeah -.-”

I know ALL of them…

1. Eunhyuk

2. Kai

3. Taemin

4. Luhan

5. Henry

At first i was like… =_= who is that?!

Then was like AHHHHHH! I’m such an idiot! ¬_¬ Sorry Henry…

So, Suju has two members in this.. subset group (?) – Eunhyuk and Henry, then EXO has two members – Kai (:D) and LuHan. Then… theres poor, lonely Taemin.

(sorry for the badly edited pic -.-“)

When I first watched this and Hyoyeon came in I was like… Oh… cool. But now I’m like woooooop! It changes the song alot… Like.. it sounds like a new song completely. Still, I don’t really care. All I care about is that Kai’s in it.

On that note, bye bye!

Jo-Jo xx





Kai Halloween Wallpaper

Hey! Wow.. it’s late XD (00:22pm)

Just thought now before I was gonna turn off my laptop that I should show you all my Kai Wallpaper I made for my desktop!

What do you think…? Is it alright?

Spent ages editing it! Had to change the background colour on paint… =_= TOOK FOR EVER! Then I edited it on google with picink – the eyes and black eye make up are also done on there along with the text and general editing!

Bit late since halloween was yesterday… sorry XD

Just incase you wanted to know – my FSOTD is Sky Fall by Adele from the new James Bond film XD I’m sorry, it’s just so CATCHY! and GOOD! Asfor a korean song… probbly Up by Epik High!

Night night all!

Jo-Jo xx


Why, hello there!

Long time no see!

Sorry guys – super busy with school work and blah blah blah… Came back from my school trip to Germany 9 days ago!And been doing things non-stop ever since… So yeah – super tired… I hardly slept ._.”

You may have seen that I’ve changed my favourite group from VIXX to Epik High. Yeah 😀 Digging their songs at the moment! Their re-mixes and MV’s are just… DEABAK! I just LOVE Fan, One, Up … ALL OF THEM! They’re mostly such mellow and sad topics. But not Wannabe…

This just… CRACKS ME UP! So FUNNY! Hilarious MV and great song too – different compared to their other songs and MV’s. The second part is also out but I can’t be bothered to put up the link…

Like I said – I loved ‘Fan’. The beat is so catchy! And the MV… so cool! I remember watching one of DBSK’s mini drama’s, (back when they were a all together, the 5 of them! D’: CASSIOPIA – 4evaaaaa!) Dangerous Love. This MV reminds me of the creepy staker girl in Dangerous Love! Made me want to watch it all over again. JaeJoong and YunHo… that was just… MADE ME LAUGH MY SOCKS OFF! Recomend it to any one!
Their new song ‘Don’t Hate Me’ I’ve put up though, it’s not necessarily my favourite song by them. I love them ALL! I put that one up because my sister said that it’s got a halloween theme to it (being that all the kids are dressed up as horror characters and awesome people – GD & Lady Gaga). Halloween was yesterday…

Sorry for the late post…

At the moment we have some french boys over for an exchange… I don’t know if you remember but I wrote about when me and my sister stayed at a french family’s house for a few days? Yeah, well, they’re coming over here and staying for a WEEK!

Oh boy… Fun times.

They were here during Halloween aswell! So we can’t go to our friends trick-or-treating party =_= …

But that’s fine since we invited two of my friends over and had a mini party of our own!

Looking at that gif makes me sad D: Leeteuk has left for the army now D: FIGHTING LEETEUK!

Yesterday we (my family and these french boys) went to see Sky Fall.

(I was like OMG I wanna go there… then I found out I HAD been there… it’s a set in Pinewood studios where my friend’s dad works! Cool!)

It was AWESOME!!!! I’m a bit of a James Bond Fan… (Sean Connery is my favourite… But after watching Sky Fall… Daniel Craig is pretty EPIC) and Sky Fall was… REALLY good. There were some parts where I was sitting there like….

because there were some… interesting scenes. Well, they weren’t bad for me… that sounds wrong so don’t take that in the wrong way!

Must go, things to do – places to be…

See you!

Jo-Jo xx