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Ai Ore! Love Me!

Student Mizuki Sakurazaka (Ito Ono) looks like a boy and is treated like a prince at her all female Seinoibara High School. She also leads the all girl rock band Burauerozen. They regularly perform at a venue that allows only women. Akira Shiraishi (Karam) is a student at the all male Kaizan High School. He’s treated like a princess at his school because of his feminine face. Akira then sneaks in to watch Burauerozen. He confesses his love to Mizuki …

It’s based on the manga series “Ai Ore!” by Mayu Shinjo (first published June 6, 2006 by Shogakukan). I also just remebered that I tried to read this but thought it was Yaoi… (Boy x Boy) I’m PERSONALLY not into that. Neither am I into Yuri -_-But now I know that it’s actually not I may try it again… some day….

ItΒ  was meant to come out on the 25th August but I don’t think it has come out in English sub yet – and thus I decided to put it on this page.

This is a MOVIE not a drama, just so you know.

Teaser –

You may have see this person before…

well, that’s because he is Karam, a member of the k-pop group “The Boss”

His birthname is Park Hyun Chul and was born in South Korea. Ai Ore is his first Movie and so it is his movie debut. I’m looking forward to see him in the drama! It looks pretty funny aswell… I hope so anyway!

His Japanese is really good O_O I didn’t realise he was KOREAN!!

I went on the website ( and besides the fact that I didn’t understand a thing, it made me more excited πŸ˜€

Most of the stuff, if not all,Β I clicked on lead me to their facbook page,

Here’s the facebook page –

The facebook page is good – Lots of pictures and videos.

Well, I’m waiting. I wish them all the best and am hoping it’s gonna be good!

Gu Family Book

Coming out in March (2013)

This drama is about a boy born from a human mother and deity father but wanting very much to become fully human ,Choi Kang Chi, tries his best to live a human life.

Sounds interesting, I’m a big fan of Lee Seung Ki – he’s a great actor so… Yeah πŸ˜€ Suzy is my bais from Miss A and I loved her in dream high… this sounds like its going to be quite good!!!!

This is going to have 20 episodes and is going to air in korea on Monday and Tuesday’s (so Tuesday and Wednesday in english sub hopefully)

Absolutely Him

Korean Version of Absoulte Boyfriend!!!

KYAAAAAAA! Super exicted for this! I’ve tried watching both the japanese and taiwanese version of this but i dunno… hasn’t kept me addicted. I love the story line and everything… I dunno… I hope that TOP (Yes, TOP from big bang :D) does a good job πŸ˜‰

Can’t wait!!!! Neither can my friends XD Wondering when more info will come out??

Werewolf Boy



I’ve heard this is also coimg out in american cinemas!!! WOW! How cool! Wish it would come in england Β¬_Β¬

Looks.AWESOME!!! I have no clue when it’s coming out though…

Ouran High School Host Club The Movie

One of my favourite anime was made into a drama so I was mega happy and then they are also doing a movie!
I’m one happy girl. Something that makes me even HAPPIER is that… you may have spotted him in the picture above… NICHKHUN from 2pm is in it πŸ˜€ WOOP!!!!

Hoping it will come out soon!

Jo-Jo xx

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