All in One!!

Hello there!

First of all,


My bais is one year today!!!!!

I wrote “Kai’s Birthday” above the date I wrote in my maths book today. 🙂 Hope my maths teacher doens’t think I’m a strange person. 🙂
Another amazing thing that happened – SNOW!




Yaaaaay! I finally got some snow 😀

But, still had to go to school

And whats worse is that I have to go EVERY day (except week ends) to school because my mum has to work there -_-




My friends and I love snow! We really go mad when we see it!

My sister and friends normally check every second of the day when the snow is supposed to be forcast to fall…. every second… through out EVERY class…

My mum also embarressed me infront of my maths class by standing at the door waving at me *face palm*

my mum –

She literally thinks she can do anything because shes a teacher -_-

Just going to do a quick up date since I have things to do, places to be – that makes me sound like I have people that acctually like me….

but really I’m just busy with home work and stuffs…………… SOB

My favourite song of the day is,

I Yah by Boyfriend –

I still have no idea to put the youtube video in box form yet… so click on the link if this hasn’t worked – thank you!~
YES! Boyfriend have come out with another song!!!! KYA! How come I didn’t know about this?!?!?! Love the song, I’ve just been replaying it over and over. Sounds like their usual style of music so I’m happy 😀 since I like their usual music ;D The MV is nice! Looks like the type of thing that I would watch if it were made into a drama!!! Sweet story, who’s that girl gonna choose D: From the comments I can see there was some romours… I think all k-pop my have something to do with it… I have no idea, but go check it out and tell me the gossip if you think you know anything ;D


Yesterday’s YOFOS winner is,

Hot Spade – City Hunter OST 😀

Yay!!! City Hunter and Lee Min Hoo *-*

Today who will win?

First off – EXO-K’s MAMA!!!!

How awesome is that?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??! I choose this…. ON KAIS BIRTHDAY!!!! This was actually genuinly randomly generated, I swear on my life and my laptops life that I choose Mama – I feel like this is fate!

I think you all know how I feel about this.



No need to even explain how much I love exo!


Ok… this is weird I just generated Mama again O_O

I’ll have to choose again!

Seungri’s V.V.I.P

Woop woop! Seungri 😀 Even though he’s not my bais in Big Bang, love his voice and he’s awesome 😉 Like the MV and love the song. Vote for him if you wish!

Thanks for your vote! Sorry for the all in one post!
Hopefully I’ll see y’all soon!!!

Enjoy the snow!

Jo-Jo xx


Your Opinion – Friday OST Special (aka YOFOS)

It’s been a while now, hasn’t it!!

Hello! And yes! It’s back! YO is officially here again, except today is Friday which means… *drum roll* it’s an OST special!!!! YAYYYY!!

The first randomly generated ost from my list issssss…

Hot Spade from the kdrama – City Hunter, Composter – Oh Joon Sung

SPOILERS! This fan made Mv has spoilers in it, so just listen to this rather than watch it if you are planning on watching City Hunter. If you haven’t watched CH, what is wrong with you?!?!?!?! GO WATCH IT NOW SILLY PERSON!

Though this song is an instrumental and some may say its boring, I wouldn’t. It’s used really well in the drama and it gives off a kinda sad and epic feeling. love all the city hunter osts, listened to them all for ages. Oh and of corse I’m a minoz ;D




Romantique from the jdrama – Buzzer Beat, Composer – ??? (sorry!)

SPOILERS! There are also spoilers in this fan made video. don’t watch. watch if you want, but don’t blame me if it ruins it for you! I haven’t acctually finished this drama… I stopped in the middle… I should really start it up again one day. So because of that, I haven’t watched the video either. Nice song though, plays a part in the drama.


Please vote 😀 I’m interested to see who will win! I waas lucky to get one J drama and one K drama ost.

Jo – Jo xx

Your Opinion

Yay! It’s back! It’s been a while hasn’t it!

To start it off, lets see who’s the first candidate!

Geeks’ Remix of Heaven – 24/7

Love geeks and Ailee, so, WOOP! Loved, Loved, LOVED the original song by Ailee and Geeks just rule so yeah, totally cool! You should deffinately check out some more of Geeks’ songs if you haven’t heard them all ready.


While you sleep/You sleep (?) by Aeon

I had to look up the translation for the title and that’s what I discovered! If you put either of those into youtube it doesn’t work… BLAME BING AND GOOGLE! This song is very mellow and the guitar plays a simple tune to help support this theme. Though some may find it slightly boring, I love Aeon so I’m use to this sad sounding stuff! They’re good – Some I love sad mannequin, Drug and Bullet Proof. They rule I tell you!

Thanks for voting! Who will win? Aeon or Geeks? Come back tomorrow to see!

Jo-Jo xx

Your Opinion

Last Time B2ST/BEAST won against Taeyang , GD and Dara! Who will win today’s battle?

Gotta Get Cha by Jang Geun Suk & BIG BROTHER

PAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! No offence but… Not his best song ever! Cracks me up :’)


No No No No No by C-REAL

Features my bais from MBLAQ in the MV so my vote would go to theese girls! I like this song alot better I’m afraid! Sorry poor Jang Geun Sukkie! Like the MV… well… it’s fine/normal. I swear the girl with the mushroom hair cut (No offence intended!) is like… the main girl in this MV!

Thanks for voting! See you soon!~

Jo-Jo xx

Your Opinion

Yesterday EXO(K) won with their song Angel!

Now who will my finger click today… hope I don’t choose a hard one again =.=”

I Need A Girl by TaeYang feat. G Dragon (MV feat. Sandra Park of 2NE1)

One of the songs I just LOVE! It features alot of people… There’s a dance version too but yeah… GD is my BIGBANG bais 😀 ;D I don’t really know what to say… I just LIKE it… XD

I Knew It by B2ST/Beast

Nice, loving the rythm. Interesting instruments but cool, make it sound good. No MV for this one so try to focus just on the song. I think their voices are just, super. They go well and the rapping goes fine aswell! Good sound effects – I love the bit where they sing “Arrassoo!~” 1:23 – 1:25

Thanks for voting!~

Off to try and carry on watching Full House, I’ll probbly stop it knowng me though -.-” Raining pretty bad outside O_O”

Jo-Jo xx

Your Opinion

As you may know from my other post, last time SS105 won with Find! 😀

Today It’s between these two –

Tablo – Home

So touching and beautiful! This is just… one of the many songs that should represent the power and emotions that kpop can offer. Such an amazing song and Tablo’s songs are aways great and make you feel something. Lee Sora just, wow, her voice is stunning and FAB! Good job! When I heard this song first I couldn’t stop listening to it, their voices acctually fit well and at first I was like, just rap? But they fitted alot in and it still sounds epic. I would say this is one of my favourite ever emotional kpop songs out there. In one word – Masterpiece!

EXOK – Angel

Oh lord…. why did my finger have to go and pic this song TT_TT I LOVE IT! BUT I LOVE HOME TOO! THIS LIFE IS UNFAIR! This song makes me feel like I’m floating around somewhere with great scenery in a bubble…. a dreamy feeling? Also that hint of sadness. Perfection, just… great. I can’t believe I picked this! Then again… I’m not the one voting… THANK GOODNESS! As you may know, EXO = My heart so… If, for me, it was EXO vs. Home (Such a great song) I would be like “I’d rather die than vote D:”


Jo-Jo xx

Your Opinion

The previous YO on ULALASESSION and Chaos was 0 all! Who will win today then?

Tomorrow is Friday OST Special 😉 All you drama watchers out there get ready!

SO! Here we go!

SS501’s Find

Hyun Joong – my bais 😀 In the first 29seconds he sounds like a girl O_o Don’t get me wrong! He has a fab voice 😀 The violins go well and they’re very good!! I feel that Young Saeng gets alot of the lines in this song but… nvm!


명륜동 by 재주소년

These two guys sing this song and play their guitar… I think it’s relaxing with a hint of sadness. I randomly clicked on this one day…. I feel bad because I think that they’ll have no chance up against SS501 -.-” Sorry 재주소년!