Kim Jaejoong – Mine

I’m very excited today because I just discovered the teaser for Mine.

I am a mega fan of Jae Joong!!! like… mega 0_0 I love his voice, I watched a few of his dramas (eg. Protect The Boss) and his movie (Here Comes The Jackal) in which he acted so well!!!! I was my favourite back when DBSK were a 5 (SOB!!!) and hes my bais from JYJ! I seriously love his voice though…

I see that the video’s concept is a bit gothic… and dark. Theres also a lot of useage of animals, wonder how they got them in and managed to do some of these scenes! I could only hear one line of the song being sung, so it’s more of a MV teaser really…

This song will be coming out (I think) on the 17th of January, looking forward until then.

Jo-Jo xx



Well nothing much happened today… as usual -_-

I… um… bit my tounge earlier and it… still hurts… … …

Seriously though what am I mean’t to say?!?!

Sorry, nothing to say….

See you all soon 😀

Jo-Jo xx

Hello again!

I’m back 😀 I’m sure you all missed me… not! Well, I have!

*hugs all*

Hope you all had a great new year and a fab christmas too! You all go nice pressies? good good….

I’m back at school now though….

It’s a hard life!

I’m sorry this is only going to be a brief post because I’m off to watch the first episode of,

Flower Boy Next Door

a new drama – with Park Shin Hye! 😀 probbly my favourite korean actress, and Yoon Shi Yoon, Kim Ji Hoon & Park So Jin.

This is part of the “Flower Boy” drama’s that have been aired by tvN. There’s going to be 16 episodes, and it airs on Monday & Tuesday in SK, so I would say it comes out in english sub the day after – Tuesday & Wednesday.

Make sure to check it out! I will, and I will tell you how I feel about it soon.

Last night at like 2am, I watched –

Here Comes the Jackal

I was waiting for this for a while and I’m super happy it’s now out!! Though this is in the “comedy” sections, I see this more as an action… I guess… ofcorse there are a few things but made me chuckle but… no…

I really did enjoy it! Some people didn’t and I think that they were expecting too much! I, too, was kinda expecting more – but this is maily because I was so hyped up that my bais from JYJ and my favourite member of Runningman were on it!

I still reccomend it! I didn’t once feel bored watching it, very good!

Oh yeah – while I was watching it, my internet went off…



Thank the lord it came back on 10 mins later…. I was going to die TT_TT

See y’all soon!

Jo-Jo xx


Kai Halloween Wallpaper

Hey! Wow.. it’s late XD (00:22pm)

Just thought now before I was gonna turn off my laptop that I should show you all my Kai Wallpaper I made for my desktop!

What do you think…? Is it alright?

Spent ages editing it! Had to change the background colour on paint… =_= TOOK FOR EVER! Then I edited it on google with picink – the eyes and black eye make up are also done on there along with the text and general editing!

Bit late since halloween was yesterday… sorry XD

Just incase you wanted to know – my FSOTD is Sky Fall by Adele from the new James Bond film XD I’m sorry, it’s just so CATCHY! and GOOD! Asfor a korean song… probbly Up by Epik High!

Night night all!

Jo-Jo xx


Why, hello there!

Long time no see!

Sorry guys – super busy with school work and blah blah blah… Came back from my school trip to Germany 9 days ago!And been doing things non-stop ever since… So yeah – super tired… I hardly slept ._.”

You may have seen that I’ve changed my favourite group from VIXX to Epik High. Yeah 😀 Digging their songs at the moment! Their re-mixes and MV’s are just… DEABAK! I just LOVE Fan, One, Up … ALL OF THEM! They’re mostly such mellow and sad topics. But not Wannabe…

This just… CRACKS ME UP! So FUNNY! Hilarious MV and great song too – different compared to their other songs and MV’s. The second part is also out but I can’t be bothered to put up the link…

Like I said – I loved ‘Fan’. The beat is so catchy! And the MV… so cool! I remember watching one of DBSK’s mini drama’s, (back when they were a all together, the 5 of them! D’: CASSIOPIA – 4evaaaaa!) Dangerous Love. This MV reminds me of the creepy staker girl in Dangerous Love! Made me want to watch it all over again. JaeJoong and YunHo… that was just… MADE ME LAUGH MY SOCKS OFF! Recomend it to any one!
Their new song ‘Don’t Hate Me’ I’ve put up though, it’s not necessarily my favourite song by them. I love them ALL! I put that one up because my sister said that it’s got a halloween theme to it (being that all the kids are dressed up as horror characters and awesome people – GD & Lady Gaga). Halloween was yesterday…

Sorry for the late post…

At the moment we have some french boys over for an exchange… I don’t know if you remember but I wrote about when me and my sister stayed at a french family’s house for a few days? Yeah, well, they’re coming over here and staying for a WEEK!

Oh boy… Fun times.

They were here during Halloween aswell! So we can’t go to our friends trick-or-treating party =_= …

But that’s fine since we invited two of my friends over and had a mini party of our own!

Looking at that gif makes me sad D: Leeteuk has left for the army now D: FIGHTING LEETEUK!

Yesterday we (my family and these french boys) went to see Sky Fall.

(I was like OMG I wanna go there… then I found out I HAD been there… it’s a set in Pinewood studios where my friend’s dad works! Cool!)

It was AWESOME!!!! I’m a bit of a James Bond Fan… (Sean Connery is my favourite… But after watching Sky Fall… Daniel Craig is pretty EPIC) and Sky Fall was… REALLY good. There were some parts where I was sitting there like….

because there were some… interesting scenes. Well, they weren’t bad for me… that sounds wrong so don’t take that in the wrong way!

Must go, things to do – places to be…

See you!

Jo-Jo xx


Quick – Arang The Magistrate

Ok, now I totally understand! Before, when I said that a ghost x human relationship wouldn’t work – NOW I see how it can work!

Just finised episode 4 and cna’t wait untill; tomorrow when I wake up I’ll watch it straight away >;3 Getting better and better! I wonder what that strange other man that, I just know fancys Arang, does…It looks like he has to kill girls for that weird gisaeng in the shed… Saying that it sounds like a creepy drama, but it really isn’t!

This drama is really waky and cool. It’s got a very interesting story… how can people think of theese weird things?!

Saw a pic for something called Gisaeng Ryung… Looks like a horror drama/movie! Creeeepyyyyy! New Tales of a Gisaeng…. I’ve been thinking…should I watch it? Is ist REALLY that good? Hm. I probs will.

Bye – for the last time XD

Jo-Jo xx

Thumb and Gaksital


Hey everybody! Just looked on the Daily K-pop news website and found out that Bridal mask, once again, came first for the fifth time (one-after-the-other/straight wins) on the Wednesday-Thursday primetime ratings chart. I’m so upset that it’s finishing like… next week D: SOB!

How am I gonna cope with out my dramatic Gaksital every week??!?! D:

In faith I also found out that Lee Min Ho does his own stunts/action!

Thats pretty cool right! Seems like somthing he would want to do I think 😀 He’s just that cool.

Yesterday when my friend was here I… fell up the stairs (yes, UP the stairs…) -.-” How embarrasing ._. It REALLY hurt though! And it still feels odd..


I am currently listening to my fab new super show 3 CD which my AWESOME friend baught me as a present from Thailand! I just… She is… Here’s a gif to show my feelings.


I Love you. You rule.

If anyone trys to take it…



Seriously though…


You cannot touch.

Or else …


When she came over yesterday… we watched some… ODD things…

First A video on Suicide forest in Japan.. which was fine.. then a video on Cannibalism… I stopped watching it because it was SICK O_O Gross. NEVER EVER AGAIN! I shall not ever watch ANY of that again! I couldn’t watch all of it but my sister and friend watched it…

my reaction:

Our reaction:

Then I said I couldn’t watch it anymore.


Afterwards they were not even fazed by it… like,


Odd people. I’m not THAT suprised by my friend since she’s like a horror maniac (not REALLY, no, really O_O) but my sister… :’) Hates scary things.. like me… ._.

I’m a scaredy cat! I’m still freaked out by the weeping angel’s in doctor who!!!

I will face them some day and be like


I’ll probbly run off screaming though.

Watched the latest TTBY episode which rocked. What do you mean you haven’t watched it?! Go. Go watch it now!!

Forced to try on my school stuff this-morning and it seems that I have shrunk… ._. How did I SHRINK!?! SOB! I wanted to be TALLER! not SMALLER! D’:

Just descovered G-D’s THAT XX MV O_O ASDFGHJKL!

See you later… I have to watch this!!! Bet you can guess what my FSOTD is gonna be ;D

Jo-Jo xx