All in One!!

Hello there!

First of all,


My bais is one year today!!!!!

I wrote “Kai’s Birthday” above the date I wrote in my maths book today. 🙂 Hope my maths teacher doens’t think I’m a strange person. 🙂
Another amazing thing that happened – SNOW!




Yaaaaay! I finally got some snow 😀

But, still had to go to school

And whats worse is that I have to go EVERY day (except week ends) to school because my mum has to work there -_-




My friends and I love snow! We really go mad when we see it!

My sister and friends normally check every second of the day when the snow is supposed to be forcast to fall…. every second… through out EVERY class…

My mum also embarressed me infront of my maths class by standing at the door waving at me *face palm*

my mum –

She literally thinks she can do anything because shes a teacher -_-

Just going to do a quick up date since I have things to do, places to be – that makes me sound like I have people that acctually like me….

but really I’m just busy with home work and stuffs…………… SOB

My favourite song of the day is,

I Yah by Boyfriend –

I still have no idea to put the youtube video in box form yet… so click on the link if this hasn’t worked – thank you!~
YES! Boyfriend have come out with another song!!!! KYA! How come I didn’t know about this?!?!?! Love the song, I’ve just been replaying it over and over. Sounds like their usual style of music so I’m happy 😀 since I like their usual music ;D The MV is nice! Looks like the type of thing that I would watch if it were made into a drama!!! Sweet story, who’s that girl gonna choose D: From the comments I can see there was some romours… I think all k-pop my have something to do with it… I have no idea, but go check it out and tell me the gossip if you think you know anything ;D


Yesterday’s YOFOS winner is,

Hot Spade – City Hunter OST 😀

Yay!!! City Hunter and Lee Min Hoo *-*

Today who will win?

First off – EXO-K’s MAMA!!!!

How awesome is that?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??! I choose this…. ON KAIS BIRTHDAY!!!! This was actually genuinly randomly generated, I swear on my life and my laptops life that I choose Mama – I feel like this is fate!

I think you all know how I feel about this.



No need to even explain how much I love exo!


Ok… this is weird I just generated Mama again O_O

I’ll have to choose again!

Seungri’s V.V.I.P

Woop woop! Seungri 😀 Even though he’s not my bais in Big Bang, love his voice and he’s awesome 😉 Like the MV and love the song. Vote for him if you wish!

Thanks for your vote! Sorry for the all in one post!
Hopefully I’ll see y’all soon!!!

Enjoy the snow!

Jo-Jo xx


Favourite Song of the Day

Hey all! Sorry I wasn’t here yesterday – had an english essay to write -_- fun… I also just wrote this post and it flipping deleted most of it so I have to write it AGAIN. Sorry if it’s not as detailed… stupid…. flipping…. grrrr…..

for like… 3 days now Beautiful Day by G.NA and Sanchez (from Phantom – who I LOOOOVE!) has been constantly in my head and I deffinately thought that it would be my FSOTD because I just super duper love it, which I guess it is – but just now I’ve gotten addicted to Infinite H’s Special Girl feat. Bumkey. I will put the video for Beautiful Day at the end of this post.

Special Girl by Infinite H feat. Bumkey

Special Girl by Infinite H feat. Bumkey

I first watched this over my friend’s shoulder at school since she was watching it with my sister. I wasn’t allowed to listen. So I had to wait untill now. HMPF! I wasn’t expecting it to be a song like this, lets just say that! At first I thought that maybe th song didn’t really match with the video, but it’s not that bad. Same with the dancing – I was like woah, interesting. Yeah, the dancing goes really. I’ve probbly watched/listened to it 50,000 times now :’) These two guys are from Infinite by the way, just incase you didn’t know. Hoya and Dong Woo are two rappers from Infinite. Their singing is good! And ofcorse, so is their rapping 😀 I also LOVE what Dong Woo has done with his hair – nice colour, it really suits him.

While we’re on this kind of topic, what would you call their style concept? It’s kinda a mix of posh formal out fits and… I wouldn’t say hip-hop… I would call it aegyo-hip-hop style… I dunno, it just doesn’t feel like mega hip hoppy…?!

kyc infinite h special girl

THE SONG – Yup, nice beat and their voices are good, obviously their rapping is daebak (awesome). The song does have a good structure, so it’s not THAT repetative… When I saw the title I got excited because I thought someone (couldn’t tell is Bumkey was a girl or boys name =_=! To be honest it’s a slightly weird name…) was going to be singing with them, but no -.-“. I’m thinking that she’s a model, can’t really be bothered to look her up. I think I will be listening to this song alot though, so overall – good job Hoya and Dong Woo 😀

Hope you enjoyed reading all that -.-“, here’s Beautiful Day just incase you haven’t listened to it yet! Love this too much XD

Beautiful Day by G.NA and Sanchez (from Pantom)

Beautiful Day by G.NA and Sanchez

Sanchez sounds spanish…

Bye bye to you all! Check soon for YOFOS (Your Opinion Friday Ost Special) and a quick blog post. Also if I can be bothered I will do a general website up date. Just a note, I’m thinking that I can only put the link on posts now, rather than their being a video… dunno why but wp doesn’t like me… like… REALLY! Caio

Jo-Jo xx
PS. I swear, if word press kills my post again, I will shoot somone!!! aggggg!

Favourite Song of the Day

Well, my favourite song is still Boyfriend’s Janus… but that would just be mega boring, click on the link below to see my review on  Janus by Boyfriend.

My kind-of-fave-song is Punishment by Roh Ji Hoon

This song is pretty catchy and hes good at singing. Roh Ji Hoon is a new guy from Loen Music/Cube Entertainment. I think there’s been some confusement with his name and how you say it? Or somthing? But I don’t really care about that… All I care about that his album, “The Next Big Thing” is AWESOME! Some one said he’s like the male version of Hyuna (whom he also does a song with) which I think sounds about right! They do kinda act the same, though I still think Roh Ji Hoon is more innocent! I’m not really sure about the dancing, especially that trouser tug, ouch!

The MV is… hm… well, I’m sorry but, annoying! I mean what kinda plot is that! It’s a pretty boring MV where he stalks this pretty girl and then at the end they get together in the lift/elevator. Then she kidnaps him and ties him up, un blindfolds him and leaves…. what kinda plot it that?! Outfits are nice, set is kinda normal, and that chair hes tied onto near the end – did they steal that from Jong Kook’s All men are like that?

That’s all folks! I wrote a whole thing on what I think happens in this MV but it went and flipping deleted it! Not writing THAT all out AGAIN! ARG!

Check this out,

Pillow by Hot Potato,

This song is also one of by favourite songs today! They sound quite similar to coldplay, so listen to it if you wish!

Jo-Jo xx

Favourite Song of the Day

From Boyfriend’s first album, Janus

Janus by Boyfriend

I use to be a super mad boyfriend fan girl, I loved and still love their songs (such as Love style, I’ll be there, Don’t touch my girl and Boyfriend.) Watched their little variety sho0w thing – Boyfriend W Academy untill I couldn’t find any more english sub -.-” So annoying (I’ll try and find some today).
BACK TO THE SONG! This song is seriously good. Love their singing (asusual) though this song is not AS catchy as some of their other songs, it’s still catchy! This song is quite different to their previous songs – especially boyfriend and love style witch were both quite cutesy (Well… most of their songs were cutesy) The beats good and the emotions that their singing potray is clevely done through both the acting, plot and their singing to give us the full emotional impact aswell as being impressed by their quality of their singing and the MV.

I love the MV, it’s been well crafted to go with the lyrics. Their fashion/outfits suit them SO MUCH! Who ever’s their stylist is GOOD! Their hair styles all suit them too! Also, are they wearing contact lenses or is it just the lighting?

At the very begining and through out the MV on the walls of this room there seem to be random kings and queens!

Wonder why they did that… There’ll probbly be some reason… maybe… probbly not

In some parts people have said their eyes are “massive!” but I don’t see it… maybe they are?

What I thought the plot of the MV was:

He (Youngmin) and this girl are all happy, then the girl decides that she doesn’t want to be with him any more (for some stupid reason) and pushes him away. He has to hide his feelings – though he still is confused and wants to be with her. He thinks that if he hides his feelings she will be able to smile again… I think that the snow represented that atfirst (when he saw it with the girl) it was something they could enjoy together and it was something pretty and enjoyable but then it becomes the coldeness and lonelyness he felt when she left him. Then the fire represented the anger and rage aswell as how he felt that he was burning up inside too. Then he tryies to tell him self that she wasn’t a bad girl and then when people asked if he was OK with all thats happened he says its fine but its not. From my understanding they laugh at him when hes angry about her living him but they pity him when hes lonely and upset about it…

Yeah… thats what I THOUGHT happened untill I watched it with subs… then I think I got the wrong idea – I think he told her to leave him  or somehting…? Ug Idk… I’ll just pretend that my analasis was correct 🙂 XD
English Subbed

Kwangmin is my bais, then Youngmin – the twins are just so sweet! Was very hard to choose one, but yeah. Off to try and watch Boyfriend W Academy now! See you soon!

Jo-Jo xx
PS. I may possiblt be getting addicted to Japanese dramas again!!

Favourite Song of the Day

Hello! Good Morning! Good afternoon!

How is every body today? I’M SO VERY HAPPY!

My Favourite song today is… Max Step by Younigue Unit.

(I just had to watch it in HD… it takes forEVER to load ._.)


This MV came out 3 days ago (on the 31st October – Halloween) and I’m suprised I didn’t descover it then since KAI IS IN IT!!! OMG TT_TT This is AWESOME! I was like oh, hey! SM released a new group. Clicked on it, saw Kai. Screamed, then went mad.

Ahem. So yeah -.-”

I know ALL of them…

1. Eunhyuk

2. Kai

3. Taemin

4. Luhan

5. Henry

At first i was like… =_= who is that?!

Then was like AHHHHHH! I’m such an idiot! ¬_¬ Sorry Henry…

So, Suju has two members in this.. subset group (?) – Eunhyuk and Henry, then EXO has two members – Kai (:D) and LuHan. Then… theres poor, lonely Taemin.

(sorry for the badly edited pic -.-“)

When I first watched this and Hyoyeon came in I was like… Oh… cool. But now I’m like woooooop! It changes the song alot… Like.. it sounds like a new song completely. Still, I don’t really care. All I care about is that Kai’s in it.

On that note, bye bye!

Jo-Jo xx





Favourite Song of the Day

FSOTD is GD’s new song THAT XX

A ballad… by Jiyong?! REALLY?! And in the MV he looks… NORMAL! O_O Omg… wow. 😀 I joke, I love this song and MV though… my sister found it very boring. Not that I care what my sister thinks (Please don’t kill me Becca!) IN AWAY because I have my own veiws. One thing. I could just KILL thoose FLIPPING sensors!!! ASDFGHJKL! I don’t know if its just me but.. I think that the lip sync for this MV kinda failed at matching the singing, no? Probbly just me…

Nice Photogenic places and nice guitar. Went abit crazy with tattoos on his hand -.-” I think some people didn’t like the female lead in this MV? Maybe because she was “too young”? Idk. Love, LOVE, LOOOOVE G-D’s hair! Please… keep it like that for a while *_*

This is a very sad, ballad which we don’t really see from GD normally. The lyrics are good. Veeeery good.

THE LYRICS (In English)

Walking on the street, I bumped into your man  (Yeah I saw him) I didn’t want to believe it, but my hunch turned out right  (I told you) He’s not wearing that ring you gave him, there’s another girl by  his side But I’ve said enough (I don’t wanna hurt you)

Now you’re getting angry with me (Why?) You  say “He’s definitely not that kind of person” (Sure you’re right) Seeing your  eyes, I reply that I probably got it wrong See, I lied for you (I’m  sorry)

I hate that you don’t understand me I hate all  this waiting Let go of his hand (break it off with him) When you’re sad, I  feel like I’m dying

That XX, what does he have that I don’t Why  can’t I have you That XX doesn’t love you How much longer are you going to  cry yourself silly?

When you speak of him, you look so happy (you  look happy) It’s good that you can be this happy (I’m happy) You say you  really love him, want to be with him forever You trust him completely (I  don’t know what to say no more) Your friends all know that guy (yup they  know) It’s so obvious, why can’t you see (it’s you) They say love is  blind, Oh baby, you’re so blind Please, I beg you, break it off

Oh I hate that you don’t understand me I hate  all this waiting Let go of his hand (break it off with him) When you’re  sad, I feel like I’m dying

That XX, what does he have that I don’t Why  can’t I have you That XX doesn’t love you How much longer are you going to  cry yourself silly?

Rap) Expensive cars, beautiful clothes,  high-class restaurants, they all suit you well But that XX beside you, he  doesn’t suit you, he really doesn’t He smiles like a hypocrite with you,  brushing your face and hair But he’s thinking of another woman for sure, how  dare he The amount of tears you’ve cried, I want to make you happy by the  same amount, baby Rather than going through the pain alone, share some with  me, baby Please look at me, why can’t you realise that I am your love Why  are you the only one who doesn’t know

That XX, what does he have that I don’t Why  can’t I have you That XX doesn’t love you How much longer are you going to  cry yourself silly?

That XX, what does he have that I don’t Why  can’t I have you That XX doesn’t love you How much longer are you going to  cry yourself silly?

I like it. Now I understand the MV alot more! Good one Jiyong. Nice. I knew “XX” would stand for a bad word but I was wondering what… now I can guess…

On another note – there, once again, will not be a YO today D: I keep undating late so… it results that I can’t do another post… Hope you understand D:

I am currently trying out the new drama “Arang The Magistrate”. Here are some key words (may contain small spoilers) –

  • Ghosts (Only very few people can see/hear them)
  • Murder (Main girl lead (Arang) get murdered but forgets everything about herself and what happend)
  • Gods
  • Reapers (Trying to collect lost souls)
  • The Magaistrate (Trying to find his mother and why Arang has her mothers hair pin)
  • Love (Who did she love and can a ghost and human get together ;D – Yes, I am hoping that they get together somehow D:)
  • Killing (?) (Hasn’t happend yet but… ya never know!! That boy with a knife… I forget his name… but the one who tried to kill that gisaeng..)

So yeah, good stuff! Currently there are.. what… 5-6 episodes out? So the same (I’m thinking) as TTBY and Faith? The girl character is from My Girl Friend is a Grumhio! Good actress ^.^ Though I never finished MGIAG because I read something that completely ruined the ending =_=

I’ve been listening to my super show 3 CD pretty much all day :3 Love it 😀 😀 😀

Night night!

Jo-Jo xx

Favourite Song of the Day

My favourite song today is BoA’s song The Shadow.

Great. Nice MV and song! I prefer this to Only One! Though I liked her Peace sign t-shirt in Only One. I actually really like this MV for some reason! Maybe it’s all the outfits, I prefer her in stuff like this personally. I LOVE her dress at the very begining where she is sitting on a tree. Must be hard to walk in though…

Good dancing as ever, I see people have been taking an interest in the “red haired dancer” which is weird because when I first watched I was like… hm… he’s a good dancer. I like the sets/scenes in this MV too. Camera is good quality. I HATE thoose stupid adverts!! ARG! SM – STOP IT FOR GOODNESS SAKE.

My mum keeps insiting that she sounds like Madonna, shows how good her voice is ;D

Also today I have been listing to KARA’s new song – Pandora.

When I first heard this I was like, meh… Why is everyone so hyped up by this? But now it’s awesome. It’s pretty addictive and catchy! Coloured hair… as ever group seems to have =_= Simple MV not so flashy really.  I think the backing music is slightly louder than their singing… I would like it if their singing was louder but hey-ho.

Guessing this MV is where a man opens up Pandora’s box. Set… meh. Could do better but I think this is focusing on dancing and not a drama/plot MV. Costumes are fine and yeah, I do like their hair 😀

That’s all 😀 My friend came round today and braught me back a Super Show 3 CD from Tailand (+ lots of other awesome cool gifts) and I want to say, once again, THANK YOU! YOU AWESOME PERSON! I had a fun time with you today, thanks for coming round ;D

Jo-Jo xx