All in One!!

Hello there!

First of all,


My bais is one year today!!!!!

I wrote “Kai’s Birthday” above the date I wrote in my maths book today. 🙂 Hope my maths teacher doens’t think I’m a strange person. 🙂
Another amazing thing that happened – SNOW!




Yaaaaay! I finally got some snow 😀

But, still had to go to school

And whats worse is that I have to go EVERY day (except week ends) to school because my mum has to work there -_-




My friends and I love snow! We really go mad when we see it!

My sister and friends normally check every second of the day when the snow is supposed to be forcast to fall…. every second… through out EVERY class…

My mum also embarressed me infront of my maths class by standing at the door waving at me *face palm*

my mum –

She literally thinks she can do anything because shes a teacher -_-

Just going to do a quick up date since I have things to do, places to be – that makes me sound like I have people that acctually like me….

but really I’m just busy with home work and stuffs…………… SOB

My favourite song of the day is,

I Yah by Boyfriend –

I still have no idea to put the youtube video in box form yet… so click on the link if this hasn’t worked – thank you!~
YES! Boyfriend have come out with another song!!!! KYA! How come I didn’t know about this?!?!?! Love the song, I’ve just been replaying it over and over. Sounds like their usual style of music so I’m happy 😀 since I like their usual music ;D The MV is nice! Looks like the type of thing that I would watch if it were made into a drama!!! Sweet story, who’s that girl gonna choose D: From the comments I can see there was some romours… I think all k-pop my have something to do with it… I have no idea, but go check it out and tell me the gossip if you think you know anything ;D


Yesterday’s YOFOS winner is,

Hot Spade – City Hunter OST 😀

Yay!!! City Hunter and Lee Min Hoo *-*

Today who will win?

First off – EXO-K’s MAMA!!!!

How awesome is that?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??! I choose this…. ON KAIS BIRTHDAY!!!! This was actually genuinly randomly generated, I swear on my life and my laptops life that I choose Mama – I feel like this is fate!

I think you all know how I feel about this.



No need to even explain how much I love exo!


Ok… this is weird I just generated Mama again O_O

I’ll have to choose again!

Seungri’s V.V.I.P

Woop woop! Seungri 😀 Even though he’s not my bais in Big Bang, love his voice and he’s awesome 😉 Like the MV and love the song. Vote for him if you wish!

Thanks for your vote! Sorry for the all in one post!
Hopefully I’ll see y’all soon!!!

Enjoy the snow!

Jo-Jo xx


Nothing Much

Good evening, good morning, Hello!

Nothing much (as the title says) has happened today… Noting interesting

Something fantastic DID happen which is VERY interesting and that is, B1A4’s NEW SONG CAME OUT!!! KYAAAA!


I will restrain myself for posting their new song now, but check it out on my FSOTD coming up soon!

I also had a music lesson (harp) today and had to wait ages for her to come!


When my teacher decided it was time to come and teach me, she was with another teacher. I was standing there innocently,  LISTENING TO THEIR CONVERSATION, and they were bad mouthing one of their pupil’s all like,

“Omg, you know this girl…”


For a moment, I thought they were talking about me because what they had said had all heppened to me. So I just stood there… the teachers couldn’t see me, and I was all like,

My teacher came and stood right in front of me and after a while went, “Oh, Hello!”



Her: (to the other teacher) “So, what was I saying”

Seiously… Can I please have my lesson, which is what I PAY you for!


Well, meh. Not like I’m good at musical instruments or anything…


See yall soon!

Jo-Jo xx

Today – I’m just too distracting

Evenening all!

Just thought I would tell you all the hilarious things that have happened today!

So in maths, the person that sits between me and by bestfriend wasn’t here so I sat next to her and, lets just say, we went slightly bonkers! Well, not SLIGHTLY bonkers…. we went CRAZY! I have some gifs to demonstrate how we were,






I was nearly bouncing off the walls and juumping everywhere,


Then I stole my friends ruler and went mad dancing with it and singing Boyfriend’s Janus.


Then my maths teacher who was behind me was all like,


“Can you stop it please, you’re distracting”

Well, I just stared at my friend like,


And did it behind his back anway.

THEN! Because of my hyperness, I flung a pencil right next to the white board and he KEPT STEPPING ON IT!

Every time he moved away I tried to go and get it, but hen he’d just come back and step on it again!


I was SO scared that he would just step on it and SLIP!


Me and my bffl just couldn’t stop LAUGHING! But then I got told off for that too…


I think I may have used up all my energy now!

Look out for YO and FSOTD!


Back from France, B1A4 bais’ birthday – GONG CHAN!

Well hello, or should I say “Bonjour” everyone!

I arrived back from France the day before yesterday and thus, I was sleeping all yesterday because I was literally drained of energy!

MAAAAAAAHHHHH, I’m still sleepy. I woke up early today! I got up at 10 =_= ug!

France was SO HOT! And they FORCED us to play sport like, EVERYDAY ALL DAY! I was up doing something non-stop all day T_T I HATE SPORT!

I had to get up at 4 in the morning which everyone would laugh and be like “LOL! You? Wake up a 4?! YEAH RIGHT!” Took the ferry over to france and then drove for ages. When we got there we played football for EVER! This was in the afternoon T_T for like an HOUR! It was still HOT TO DEATH! I callapsed on the floor,


and then we were called in for dinner. Thank the lord!

Their food, nooffence… was GROSS! Me and my sister were like


Oh…. boy…. this looks…. so delicious… ha….

We had to force ourselves to eat it. I hate tomatoes…. and they gave me tomatoe and sweetcorn salad … I was like


But… in my head… so they didn’t hear me. That would just be rude.

Everyday they were like “Do you want to play *insert sport here*?”

I was like



We played tennis, basketball, football, on the trampoline and the wii.

We played basket ball for so long and so much.


Through out the whole thing I couldn’t say anything except “Merci” “Non svp” and “Oui!” so as you can imagine, t’was very hard!

We visited an chateaux which was pretty massive… but cool! We went to EVERYTHING! They had the weirdest art exhibition EVER on diplay…

The next day we went for a picnic on the top of a hill and had ham and gherkin sandwich… GHERKINS…



My sister pretended that she “Accidently” dropped some of he gherkin’s on the floor, where as I ate mine… *sigh*

I may upload some pics from france later ;D

Me and my my went mad in the ferry shop on the way back! I baught lots of awesome stuff… well… 3 things! (please excuse bad quality (it’s my web cam, okay? T_T) and I’m also wearing my PJ’s… XD)


Blue bag


Tennis racket and ball necklace (which my mum loved)


Angel wings braclet

… I realised that that was kinda weird… putting up jewelry and stuff up… but yeah… thought u may have been interested (?) XD

My sister suffered really bad seasickness but, she’s fine now!

Today is my B1A4 bais’ birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GONG CHAN SHIK! 19 today!

I think this calls for a gong chan spazz gif attack?! YAAAAY!





Happy birthday my favourite maknae!!


Jo-Jo xx


Olympic Spirit and Favourite Song of the Day

Helloooo! Sorry I haven’t been on everyday -_- It’s too much effort… I’m at my house with my best friend at the moment, she is a kyc fan >_<”

We’ve been watching King 2 hearts together – I’ve watched up to episode 10 already but my friend just finished roof top prince and wanted to start it. Still good and I had to restrain myself from telling her what was gonna happen next every few minutes.

Here’s my friend to say hello 😀 –

“HI GUYS!! It’s an honor to be able to speak on my favourite website 🙂 。◕‿‿◕。 BYEEE!

back to JoJo”

Hahaha, yes… She kept it short and sweet.

Has eveyone got into the olympics? I’m supporting team GB (though I am not really a sports person…) and also korean obviously XDDD

We’re playing football against them later D: (SK vs. GB <— NAAAOOOOO) My sister is obsessed I think -.-”

Firstly I typed “Sog” instead of “Song” for the title -.-” I don’t think I’ve quite woken up yet!!!! I got up 3 hrs earlier than usual…. SOB!


Normally get up at 12 or 1 =_= I’M IN ZOMBIE MODE!!!

Yesterday I went to my friends party and I was last both times we played -.-”


My bestfriend was so gooooooooooooooooood!

Anyway! We went to this olympic themed activity thinggy at the athletic stadium near (ish) us. That was fun, exept I failed at table-tennis! X’D

Now you see how I suck at sport!!!


Here’s my FSOTD!!!

GLAM – Party (XXO)

An awesome track! They remind me so much of GPBasic! The MV is funky and their clothes are fine. Set is cool, effects are good and Props good! Like this song alot though it’s abit random -.- Good job. Love the song! ❤

Jo-Jo xx

Back Again – Japan WON!

Hey Guys! Yeah… I haven’t been on in a while -.-” Missed you though!

Hope everyone is having a super-duper summer holiday – although… for me the weather is not…. AMAZING! But meh, I’ll live! I’ve already been to Turkey 😀

Turkey was… well… it was so HOT! Not under 40 degrees (Celsius) every day! 30/above at night =_= TOO HOT! The hottest it got was 46!

We were all like


and lay like this


on our sun-loungers/BEAN-BAGS!(OH YEAHHHHH! Awesome! And very compfy >_<) ALL holiday! It was too hot to do anything!

When we finally went some where we,

1. Got lost

2. Got taken on a tour by a random man… O_O



3. Abandoned by my sister and mum and left with my dad and this random scary man…image

4. Asked to pay money

5. Pay up quick… but only have  3 lyira (Turkish currency – about £1 something) and a 20 lyira note which we need to use to pay for the rocktombs we were gonna go see … Uh-Oh


5. Left/Ran away ASAP!

6. Hide, Have a drink in a cafe, far, far away as possible from the man!

7. Woman comes along and plonks a tub containing two turtles on our table… wtf…?!


My favourite animals are Turtles/Tortouises! So I was like!


They were sooo cute!

Here’s a picture –

We also

. Missed all the nice shops and walked past all these Phone shops and Kitchen shops…

. Tried to find some ruins and came to a dead end… Random young boy started shouting to us…  so I was like RUN AWAAAY!

. We missed the first boat back that we were gonna take and had to wait in a cafe.

We were happy to get back to our lovely SAFE hotel!

So yeah… Interesting…

Worst of all, when we got back home, we waited for ages at Luggage Re-claim thing and everyone in my family – besides me – got their suitcases back… But We waited untill they turned all of them off and I was like…


Where… is mine? They had lost it -_-

I was so upset!!!


All my favourite clothes… EVERYTHING!


My sister was like “It’s Okay… Don’t be upset – everything will be fine and you’ll get it back!… Wait a sec… WAS MY BOOK IN THERE? OMG! YOU BETTER NOT HAVE LOST MY BOOK!”



I got back though! So it’s okay now!

Yesterday, my sister, bestfriend, Latin Teacher, 3 random other girls from our school, my dad, random English teacher, mini bus driver and I went to the first Olympic event – Women’s Football! We saw Japan vs. Canada!

We OBVIOUSLY supported Japan ;D They won 2-1!! YYYAYAYAYAYY! 2 great goals!

The people behind us were SO annoying! They kept PRODDING us as a joke -__- I felt like turning round and going:



But I kept calm.

Jo-Jo xx

Today To You and


I think I may have abandoned Sungkyunkwan Scandal for a bit… D: Thanks to my friend I’ve started watching Playful Kiss again XD Nothing much happened today…


So… Shall I randomly rant on about something I noticed?

Don’t you think that recently boy group’s concept/apperance/ you know… theme… is “Hurt” like… physically?!

I mean, Infinite had a song out recently called The Chaser (which was AWESOME! I’m an inspirit ;)) and in the MV there was an endless car crash. (Lol! Just realised how that fits in with “Infinity” and links with their name… that’s cool) I really, really like this song! So much it would be hard to express in words…. that just sounds weird now. But you get it! As usal, great dancing! Their dancing in BTD was just… mind blowing… I LOVE the blue, white and pinky colours used in this! They look so nice together *.*! It basically shows them chasing which is super great because that’s what the name of the song is! THANK YOU! Good title choice! They  looked a tiny bit gangster-ish too, right? It’s also about pain right! RIIGHT! Soooo! That brings us to another group that had a song out recntly called TO YOU!

Teen Top came out with To You, which is ASDFGHJKL!


I always seem not to get bored of this MV and watch it every time I click it… In this MV we can see that they are litterally in pain which is expressed extremly well through their make up! Well done make-up artists! They’re all pretty gangster-ish appearence-wise right??? I always seem not to get bored of this MV and watch it every time I click it… I’m not going crazy now… I hope! But, what i see is a trend going on here! – They have some pretty flipping good dancing skills right O_O!

My friend told me the other day that Infinite and Teen Top were rivals… I had no idea! But now I see it! I see what they did there… They are both doing the same theme/concept to see who is best! I saw how they bost sneeked in motor bikes to have a who’s-bike-is-best compatition! Though, in Teen Top they had a girl… In Infinite’s video’s… they rarely/never have girls… and I just realised that O_o AHEM!

Wait up if you wanna find out my Favourite Song of the Day! 😉

Jo-Jo xx