All in One!!

Hello there!

First of all,


My bais is one year today!!!!!

I wrote “Kai’s Birthday” above the date I wrote in my maths book today. 🙂 Hope my maths teacher doens’t think I’m a strange person. 🙂
Another amazing thing that happened – SNOW!




Yaaaaay! I finally got some snow 😀

But, still had to go to school

And whats worse is that I have to go EVERY day (except week ends) to school because my mum has to work there -_-




My friends and I love snow! We really go mad when we see it!

My sister and friends normally check every second of the day when the snow is supposed to be forcast to fall…. every second… through out EVERY class…

My mum also embarressed me infront of my maths class by standing at the door waving at me *face palm*

my mum –

She literally thinks she can do anything because shes a teacher -_-

Just going to do a quick up date since I have things to do, places to be – that makes me sound like I have people that acctually like me….

but really I’m just busy with home work and stuffs…………… SOB

My favourite song of the day is,

I Yah by Boyfriend –

I still have no idea to put the youtube video in box form yet… so click on the link if this hasn’t worked – thank you!~
YES! Boyfriend have come out with another song!!!! KYA! How come I didn’t know about this?!?!?! Love the song, I’ve just been replaying it over and over. Sounds like their usual style of music so I’m happy 😀 since I like their usual music ;D The MV is nice! Looks like the type of thing that I would watch if it were made into a drama!!! Sweet story, who’s that girl gonna choose D: From the comments I can see there was some romours… I think all k-pop my have something to do with it… I have no idea, but go check it out and tell me the gossip if you think you know anything ;D


Yesterday’s YOFOS winner is,

Hot Spade – City Hunter OST 😀

Yay!!! City Hunter and Lee Min Hoo *-*

Today who will win?

First off – EXO-K’s MAMA!!!!

How awesome is that?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??! I choose this…. ON KAIS BIRTHDAY!!!! This was actually genuinly randomly generated, I swear on my life and my laptops life that I choose Mama – I feel like this is fate!

I think you all know how I feel about this.



No need to even explain how much I love exo!


Ok… this is weird I just generated Mama again O_O

I’ll have to choose again!

Seungri’s V.V.I.P

Woop woop! Seungri 😀 Even though he’s not my bais in Big Bang, love his voice and he’s awesome 😉 Like the MV and love the song. Vote for him if you wish!

Thanks for your vote! Sorry for the all in one post!
Hopefully I’ll see y’all soon!!!

Enjoy the snow!

Jo-Jo xx


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