Kim Jaejoong – Mine

I’m very excited today because I just discovered the teaser for Mine.

I am a mega fan of Jae Joong!!! like… mega 0_0 I love his voice, I watched a few of his dramas (eg. Protect The Boss) and his movie (Here Comes The Jackal) in which he acted so well!!!! I was my favourite back when DBSK were a 5 (SOB!!!) and hes my bais from JYJ! I seriously love his voice though…

I see that the video’s concept is a bit gothic… and dark. Theres also a lot of useage of animals, wonder how they got them in and managed to do some of these scenes! I could only hear one line of the song being sung, so it’s more of a MV teaser really…

This song will be coming out (I think) on the 17th of January, looking forward until then.

Jo-Jo xx


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