Your Opinion – Friday OST Special (aka YOFOS)

It’s been a while now, hasn’t it!!

Hello! And yes! It’s back! YO is officially here again, except today is Friday which means… *drum roll* it’s an OST special!!!! YAYYYY!!

The first randomly generated ost from my list issssss…

Hot Spade from the kdrama – City Hunter, Composter – Oh Joon Sung

SPOILERS! This fan made Mv has spoilers in it, so just listen to this rather than watch it if you are planning on watching City Hunter. If you haven’t watched CH, what is wrong with you?!?!?!?! GO WATCH IT NOW SILLY PERSON!

Though this song is an instrumental and some may say its boring, I wouldn’t. It’s used really well in the drama and it gives off a kinda sad and epic feeling. love all the city hunter osts, listened to them all for ages. Oh and of corse I’m a minoz ;D




Romantique from the jdrama – Buzzer Beat, Composer – ??? (sorry!)

SPOILERS! There are also spoilers in this fan made video. don’t watch. watch if you want, but don’t blame me if it ruins it for you! I haven’t acctually finished this drama… I stopped in the middle… I should really start it up again one day. So because of that, I haven’t watched the video either. Nice song though, plays a part in the drama.


Please vote 😀 I’m interested to see who will win! I waas lucky to get one J drama and one K drama ost.

Jo – Jo xx


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