Favourite Song of the Day

Hey all! Sorry I wasn’t here yesterday – had an english essay to write -_- fun… I also just wrote this post and it flipping deleted most of it so I have to write it AGAIN. Sorry if it’s not as detailed… stupid…. flipping…. grrrr…..

for like… 3 days now Beautiful Day by G.NA and Sanchez (from Phantom – who I LOOOOVE!) has been constantly in my head and I deffinately thought that it would be my FSOTD because I just super duper love it, which I guess it is – but just now I’ve gotten addicted to Infinite H’s Special Girl feat. Bumkey. I will put the video for Beautiful Day at the end of this post.

Special Girl by Infinite H feat. Bumkey

Special Girl by Infinite H feat. Bumkey

I first watched this over my friend’s shoulder at school since she was watching it with my sister. I wasn’t allowed to listen. So I had to wait untill now. HMPF! I wasn’t expecting it to be a song like this, lets just say that! At first I thought that maybe th song didn’t really match with the video, but it’s not that bad. Same with the dancing – I was like woah, interesting. Yeah, the dancing goes really. I’ve probbly watched/listened to it 50,000 times now :’) These two guys are from Infinite by the way, just incase you didn’t know. Hoya and Dong Woo are two rappers from Infinite. Their singing is good! And ofcorse, so is their rapping 😀 I also LOVE what Dong Woo has done with his hair – nice colour, it really suits him.

While we’re on this kind of topic, what would you call their style concept? It’s kinda a mix of posh formal out fits and… I wouldn’t say hip-hop… I would call it aegyo-hip-hop style… I dunno, it just doesn’t feel like mega hip hoppy…?!

kyc infinite h special girl

THE SONG – Yup, nice beat and their voices are good, obviously their rapping is daebak (awesome). The song does have a good structure, so it’s not THAT repetative… When I saw the title I got excited because I thought someone (couldn’t tell is Bumkey was a girl or boys name =_=! To be honest it’s a slightly weird name…) was going to be singing with them, but no -.-“. I’m thinking that she’s a model, can’t really be bothered to look her up. I think I will be listening to this song alot though, so overall – good job Hoya and Dong Woo 😀

Hope you enjoyed reading all that -.-“, here’s Beautiful Day just incase you haven’t listened to it yet! Love this too much XD

Beautiful Day by G.NA and Sanchez (from Pantom)

Beautiful Day by G.NA and Sanchez

Sanchez sounds spanish…

Bye bye to you all! Check soon for YOFOS (Your Opinion Friday Ost Special) and a quick blog post. Also if I can be bothered I will do a general website up date. Just a note, I’m thinking that I can only put the link on posts now, rather than their being a video… dunno why but wp doesn’t like me… like… REALLY! Caio

Jo-Jo xx
PS. I swear, if word press kills my post again, I will shoot somone!!! aggggg!


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