Hello again!

I’m back 😀 I’m sure you all missed me… not! Well, I have!

*hugs all*

Hope you all had a great new year and a fab christmas too! You all go nice pressies? good good….

I’m back at school now though….

It’s a hard life!

I’m sorry this is only going to be a brief post because I’m off to watch the first episode of,

Flower Boy Next Door

a new drama – with Park Shin Hye! 😀 probbly my favourite korean actress, and Yoon Shi Yoon, Kim Ji Hoon & Park So Jin.

This is part of the “Flower Boy” drama’s that have been aired by tvN. There’s going to be 16 episodes, and it airs on Monday & Tuesday in SK, so I would say it comes out in english sub the day after – Tuesday & Wednesday.

Make sure to check it out! I will, and I will tell you how I feel about it soon.

Last night at like 2am, I watched –

Here Comes the Jackal

I was waiting for this for a while and I’m super happy it’s now out!! Though this is in the “comedy” sections, I see this more as an action… I guess… ofcorse there are a few things but made me chuckle but… no…

I really did enjoy it! Some people didn’t and I think that they were expecting too much! I, too, was kinda expecting more – but this is maily because I was so hyped up that my bais from JYJ and my favourite member of Runningman were on it!

I still reccomend it! I didn’t once feel bored watching it, very good!

Oh yeah – while I was watching it, my internet went off…



Thank the lord it came back on 10 mins later…. I was going to die TT_TT

See y’all soon!

Jo-Jo xx



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