Nothing Much

Good evening, good morning, Hello!

Nothing much (as the title says) has happened today… Noting interesting

Something fantastic DID happen which is VERY interesting and that is, B1A4’s NEW SONG CAME OUT!!! KYAAAA!


I will restrain myself for posting their new song now, but check it out on my FSOTD coming up soon!

I also had a music lesson (harp) today and had to wait ages for her to come!


When my teacher decided it was time to come and teach me, she was with another teacher. I was standing there innocently, ¬†LISTENING TO THEIR CONVERSATION, and they were bad mouthing one of their pupil’s all like,

“Omg, you know this girl…”


For a moment, I thought they were talking about me because what they had said had all heppened to me. So I just stood there… the teachers couldn’t see me, and I was all like,

My teacher came and stood right in front of me and after a while went, “Oh, Hello!”



Her: (to the other teacher) “So, what was I saying”

Seiously… Can I please have my lesson, which is what I PAY you for!


Well, meh. Not like I’m good at musical instruments or anything…


See yall soon!

Jo-Jo xx


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