Your Opinion

Yay! It’s back! It’s been a while hasn’t it!

To start it off, lets see who’s the first candidate!

Geeks’ Remix of Heaven – 24/7

Love geeks and Ailee, so, WOOP! Loved, Loved, LOVED the original song by Ailee and Geeks just rule so yeah, totally cool! You should deffinately check out some more of Geeks’ songs if you haven’t heard them all ready.


While you sleep/You sleep (?) by Aeon

I had to look up the translation for the title and that’s what I discovered! If you put either of those into youtube it doesn’t work… BLAME BING AND GOOGLE! This song is very mellow and the guitar plays a simple tune to help support this theme. Though some may find it slightly boring, I love Aeon so I’m use to this sad sounding stuff! They’re good – Some I love sad mannequin, Drug and Bullet Proof. They rule I tell you!

Thanks for voting! Who will win? Aeon or Geeks? Come back tomorrow to see!

Jo-Jo xx


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