Favourite Song of the Day

Well, my favourite song is still Boyfriend’s Janus… but that would just be mega boring, click on the link below to see my review on  Janus by Boyfriend.


My kind-of-fave-song is Punishment by Roh Ji Hoon

This song is pretty catchy and hes good at singing. Roh Ji Hoon is a new guy from Loen Music/Cube Entertainment. I think there’s been some confusement with his name and how you say it? Or somthing? But I don’t really care about that… All I care about that his album, “The Next Big Thing” is AWESOME! Some one said he’s like the male version of Hyuna (whom he also does a song with) which I think sounds about right! They do kinda act the same, though I still think Roh Ji Hoon is more innocent! I’m not really sure about the dancing, especially that trouser tug, ouch!

The MV is… hm… well, I’m sorry but, annoying! I mean what kinda plot is that! It’s a pretty boring MV where he stalks this pretty girl and then at the end they get together in the lift/elevator. Then she kidnaps him and ties him up, un blindfolds him and leaves…. what kinda plot it that?! Outfits are nice, set is kinda normal, and that chair hes tied onto near the end – did they steal that from Jong Kook’s All men are like that?

That’s all folks! I wrote a whole thing on what I think happens in this MV but it went and flipping deleted it! Not writing THAT all out AGAIN! ARG!

Check this out,

Pillow by Hot Potato,

This song is also one of by favourite songs today! They sound quite similar to coldplay, so listen to it if you wish!

Jo-Jo xx


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