Favourite Song of the Day

From Boyfriend’s first album, Janus

Janus by Boyfriend

I use to be a super mad boyfriend fan girl, I loved and still love their songs (such as Love style, I’ll be there, Don’t touch my girl and Boyfriend.) Watched their little variety sho0w thing – Boyfriend W Academy untill I couldn’t find any more english sub -.-” So annoying (I’ll try and find some today).
BACK TO THE SONG! This song is seriously good. Love their singing (asusual) though this song is not AS catchy as some of their other songs, it’s still catchy! This song is quite different to their previous songs – especially boyfriend and love style witch were both quite cutesy (Well… most of their songs were cutesy) The beats good and the emotions that their singing potray is clevely done through both the acting, plot and their singing to give us the full emotional impact aswell as being impressed by their quality of their singing and the MV.

I love the MV, it’s been well crafted to go with the lyrics. Their fashion/outfits suit them SO MUCH! Who ever’s their stylist is GOOD! Their hair styles all suit them too! Also, are they wearing contact lenses or is it just the lighting?

At the very begining and through out the MV on the walls of this room there seem to be random kings and queens!

Wonder why they did that… There’ll probbly be some reason… maybe… probbly not

In some parts people have said their eyes are “massive!” but I don’t see it… maybe they are?

What I thought the plot of the MV was:

He (Youngmin) and this girl are all happy, then the girl decides that she doesn’t want to be with him any more (for some stupid reason) and pushes him away. He has to hide his feelings – though he still is confused and wants to be with her. He thinks that if he hides his feelings she will be able to smile again… I think that the snow represented that atfirst (when he saw it with the girl) it was something they could enjoy together and it was something pretty and enjoyable but then it becomes the coldeness and lonelyness he felt when she left him. Then the fire represented the anger and rage aswell as how he felt that he was burning up inside too. Then he tryies to tell him self that she wasn’t a bad girl and then when people asked if he was OK with all thats happened he says its fine but its not. From my understanding they laugh at him when hes angry about her living him but they pity him when hes lonely and upset about it…

Yeah… thats what I THOUGHT happened untill I watched it with subs… then I think I got the wrong idea – I think he told her to leave him  or somehting…? Ug Idk… I’ll just pretend that my analasis was correct 🙂 XD
English Subbed

Kwangmin is my bais, then Youngmin – the twins are just so sweet! Was very hard to choose one, but yeah. Off to try and watch Boyfriend W Academy now! See you soon!

Jo-Jo xx
PS. I may possiblt be getting addicted to Japanese dramas again!!


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