Favourite Song of the Day

Hello! Good Morning! Good afternoon!

How is every body today? I’M SO VERY HAPPY!

My Favourite song today is… Max Step by Younigue Unit.

(I just had to watch it in HD… it takes forEVER to load ._.)


This MV came out 3 days ago (on the 31st October – Halloween) and I’m suprised I didn’t descover it then since KAI IS IN IT!!! OMG TT_TT This is AWESOME! I was like oh, hey! SM released a new group. Clicked on it, saw Kai. Screamed, then went mad.

Ahem. So yeah -.-”

I know ALL of them…

1. Eunhyuk

2. Kai

3. Taemin

4. Luhan

5. Henry

At first i was like… =_= who is that?!

Then was like AHHHHHH! I’m such an idiot! ¬_¬ Sorry Henry…

So, Suju has two members in this.. subset group (?) – Eunhyuk and Henry, then EXO has two members – Kai (:D) and LuHan. Then… theres poor, lonely Taemin.

(sorry for the badly edited pic -.-“)

When I first watched this and Hyoyeon came in I was like… Oh… cool. But now I’m like woooooop! It changes the song alot… Like.. it sounds like a new song completely. Still, I don’t really care. All I care about is that Kai’s in it.

On that note, bye bye!

Jo-Jo xx






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