Kai Halloween Wallpaper

Hey! Wow.. it’s late XD (00:22pm)

Just thought now before I was gonna turn off my laptop that I should show you all my Kai Wallpaper I made for my desktop!

What do you think…? Is it alright?

Spent ages editing it! Had to change the background colour on paint… =_= TOOK FOR EVER! Then I edited it on google with picink – the eyes and black eye make up are also done on there along with the text and general editing!

Bit late since halloween was yesterday… sorry XD

Just incase you wanted to know – my FSOTD is Sky Fall by Adele from the new James Bond film XD I’m sorry, it’s just so CATCHY! and GOOD! Asfor a korean song… probbly Up by Epik High!

Night night all!

Jo-Jo xx



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