Why, hello there!

Long time no see!

Sorry guys – super busy with school work and blah blah blah… Came back from my school trip to Germany 9 days ago!And been doing things non-stop ever since… So yeah – super tired… I hardly slept ._.”

You may have seen that I’ve changed my favourite group from VIXX to Epik High. Yeah 😀 Digging their songs at the moment! Their re-mixes and MV’s are just… DEABAK! I just LOVE Fan, One, Up … ALL OF THEM! They’re mostly such mellow and sad topics. But not Wannabe…

This just… CRACKS ME UP! So FUNNY! Hilarious MV and great song too – different compared to their other songs and MV’s. The second part is also out but I can’t be bothered to put up the link…

Like I said – I loved ‘Fan’. The beat is so catchy! And the MV… so cool! I remember watching one of DBSK’s mini drama’s, (back when they were a all together, the 5 of them! D’: CASSIOPIA – 4evaaaaa!) Dangerous Love. This MV reminds me of the creepy staker girl in Dangerous Love! Made me want to watch it all over again. JaeJoong and YunHo… that was just… MADE ME LAUGH MY SOCKS OFF! Recomend it to any one!
Their new song ‘Don’t Hate Me’ I’ve put up though, it’s not necessarily my favourite song by them. I love them ALL! I put that one up because my sister said that it’s got a halloween theme to it (being that all the kids are dressed up as horror characters and awesome people – GD & Lady Gaga). Halloween was yesterday…

Sorry for the late post…

At the moment we have some french boys over for an exchange… I don’t know if you remember but I wrote about when me and my sister stayed at a french family’s house for a few days? Yeah, well, they’re coming over here and staying for a WEEK!

Oh boy… Fun times.

They were here during Halloween aswell! So we can’t go to our friends trick-or-treating party =_= …

But that’s fine since we invited two of my friends over and had a mini party of our own!

Looking at that gif makes me sad D: Leeteuk has left for the army now D: FIGHTING LEETEUK!

Yesterday we (my family and these french boys) went to see Sky Fall.

(I was like OMG I wanna go there… then I found out I HAD been there… it’s a set in Pinewood studios where my friend’s dad works! Cool!)

It was AWESOME!!!! I’m a bit of a James Bond Fan… (Sean Connery is my favourite… But after watching Sky Fall… Daniel Craig is pretty EPIC) and Sky Fall was… REALLY good. There were some parts where I was sitting there like….

because there were some… interesting scenes. Well, they weren’t bad for me… that sounds wrong so don’t take that in the wrong way!

Must go, things to do – places to be…

See you!

Jo-Jo xx



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