Thumb and Gaksital


Hey everybody! Just looked on the Daily K-pop news website and found out that Bridal mask, once again, came first for the fifth time (one-after-the-other/straight wins) on the Wednesday-Thursday primetime ratings chart. I’m so upset that it’s finishing like… next week D: SOB!

How am I gonna cope with out my dramatic Gaksital every week??!?! D:

In faith I also found out that Lee Min Ho does his own stunts/action!

Thats pretty cool right! Seems like somthing he would want to do I think 😀 He’s just that cool.

Yesterday when my friend was here I… fell up the stairs (yes, UP the stairs…) -.-” How embarrasing ._. It REALLY hurt though! And it still feels odd..


I am currently listening to my fab new super show 3 CD which my AWESOME friend baught me as a present from Thailand! I just… She is… Here’s a gif to show my feelings.


I Love you. You rule.

If anyone trys to take it…



Seriously though…


You cannot touch.

Or else …


When she came over yesterday… we watched some… ODD things…

First A video on Suicide forest in Japan.. which was fine.. then a video on Cannibalism… I stopped watching it because it was SICK O_O Gross. NEVER EVER AGAIN! I shall not ever watch ANY of that again! I couldn’t watch all of it but my sister and friend watched it…

my reaction:

Our reaction:

Then I said I couldn’t watch it anymore.


Afterwards they were not even fazed by it… like,


Odd people. I’m not THAT suprised by my friend since she’s like a horror maniac (not REALLY, no, really O_O) but my sister… :’) Hates scary things.. like me… ._.

I’m a scaredy cat! I’m still freaked out by the weeping angel’s in doctor who!!!

I will face them some day and be like


I’ll probbly run off screaming though.

Watched the latest TTBY episode which rocked. What do you mean you haven’t watched it?! Go. Go watch it now!!

Forced to try on my school stuff this-morning and it seems that I have shrunk… ._. How did I SHRINK!?! SOB! I wanted to be TALLER! not SMALLER! D’:

Just descovered G-D’s THAT XX MV O_O ASDFGHJKL!

See you later… I have to watch this!!! Bet you can guess what my FSOTD is gonna be ;D

Jo-Jo xx


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