Quick – Arang The Magistrate

Ok, now I totally understand! Before, when I said that a ghost x human relationship wouldn’t work – NOW I see how it can work!

Just finised episode 4 and cna’t wait untill; tomorrow when I wake up I’ll watch it straight away >;3 Getting better and better! I wonder what that strange other man that, I just know fancys Arang, does…It looks like he has to kill girls for that weird gisaeng in the shed… Saying that it sounds like a creepy drama, but it really isn’t!

This drama is really waky and cool. It’s got a very interesting story… how can people think of theese weird things?!

Saw a pic for something called Gisaeng Ryung… Looks like a horror drama/movie! Creeeepyyyyy! New Tales of a Gisaeng…. I’ve been thinking…should I watch it? Is ist REALLY that good? Hm. I probs will.

Bye – for the last time XD

Jo-Jo xx


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