Favourite Song of the Day

My favourite song today is BoA’s song The Shadow.

Great. Nice MV and song! I prefer this to Only One! Though I liked her Peace sign t-shirt in Only One. I actually really like this MV for some reason! Maybe it’s all the outfits, I prefer her in stuff like this personally. I LOVE her dress at the very begining where she is sitting on a tree. Must be hard to walk in though…

Good dancing as ever, I see people have been taking an interest in the “red haired dancer” which is weird because when I first watched I was like… hm… he’s a good dancer. I like the sets/scenes in this MV too. Camera is good quality. I HATE thoose stupid adverts!! ARG! SM – STOP IT FOR GOODNESS SAKE.

My mum keeps insiting that she sounds like Madonna, shows how good her voice is ;D

Also today I have been listing to KARA’s new song – Pandora.

When I first heard this I was like, meh… Why is everyone so hyped up by this? But now it’s awesome. It’s pretty addictive and catchy! Coloured hair… as ever group seems to have =_= Simple MV not so flashy really.  I think the backing music is slightly louder than their singing… I would like it if their singing was louder but hey-ho.

Guessing this MV is where a man opens up Pandora’s box. Set… meh. Could do better but I think this is focusing on dancing and not a drama/plot MV. Costumes are fine and yeah, I do like their hair 😀

That’s all 😀 My friend came round today and braught me back a Super Show 3 CD from Tailand (+ lots of other awesome cool gifts) and I want to say, once again, THANK YOU! YOU AWESOME PERSON! I had a fun time with you today, thanks for coming round ;D

Jo-Jo xx


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