Favourite Song of the Day

Sorry! I have been out all day (ish) having my hair cut and what-not. So skip writing about today and straight to FSOTD!

At first my FSOTD was Junsu’s new song Uncommited.

He sings in English through out this song, and not a bad job I must say! Though, yeah… his pronounciation is not fantastic, nice song never the less! MV, yeah. Hm. Not liking the black boarder thinggy. At first I thought it would go away, but obviously not -_-  This MV plot is where he got dumped and went back to his “player” ways. You’ll notice that this has non-asian (don’t know what nationality) actors and singers. I think that the rest of the word is becoming more and more introduced to k-pop, which if super! I hope that k-pop becomes increasingly popular and that some day I’ll be seeing kpop on England’s top 10! That would be cool…


My FSOTD afterall is ZE:A’s song (came out 24th august – I think -.-“) Phonenix.

There is a Japanese version and that is their Japanese single, I think! Cool song 😀 “Fire Burn” that bit just sticks in my head X’D The MV is simple, yet effective! The pace is smooth and flows fine or would you say that it moves from scene to scene quickly but not in away that it looks unproffesional! It’s pretty weird – I was considering the boy at 2:36 to be a candidate for my ZE:A bais and then found out his name is Heechul. My bais (well… one of many four) from super junior is Heechul 😀 I have 2 Heechuls in my bais list! I should actually make a bais list! I’ll do that tomorrow 😀 >_< Back to the song. Nice upbeat dancey song that could get me grooving at a party or just spazzing alone in my room at home, nice catchy chorus… or atleast… I think that the “Fire Burn” bit is the chorus! Good good ZE:A, nice one.

That’s all for tonight – no YO! Yesterday… noone voted… -.-” So neither Jang Geun Suk or C-REAL won.

Excited for all the episodes that are coming out in english sub tomorrow! Well… 2… TTBY and another Faith ep! 😀 Faith is pretty good, also think that Panda and Hedgehog is good. To the beautiful you I have been raving on about for atleast a year so I think that you get the point. I’ll be surprised if you didn’t know about TTBY already since SM have done quite abit of advertising!

Night guys! Cya tomorrow… though I am pretty busy tomorrow… I’ll try and atleast drop by and say hello!

Jo-Jo xx


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