Back! Drama heaven…

Well, I’m now back everyone! well… I was back 3 days ago… I had a lovely time in Wales! Though it wasn’t the warmest of places, still had a good time! We went with our friends that we have known since like… before birth! XD they were great fun as usual.

We went in the sea.

It was cold.

This was pretty much my reaction –

Β Β 


Still went in though! I even got a new body board! ^.^ I had to abandon my old one though D:

Descovered that a drama that is coming out on the 12th of september (I think) has Joong Ki!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ It is called “Nice Guy” and I’m going to put it up on the”Coming Soon” page. I’m also going to take off all the drama’s that have been realeased and are still on that page – such as Faith, Miss Panda and Hedgehog and TTBY! TTBY has been on there ever since I started this website so thats gonna be weird tot take it off… D:

There has been so much coming out! I found out that GD had released a song while I was away ._. I swear… I always go away when something happens! You may or may not know that G Dragon is my bais from BIGBANG… Just to tell you that I liked the song its self but not the MV well… after a while I was like, OK – The MV is pretty cool, but odd. I don’t think Becca likes it :’)
clck on the picture below if you wanna check out GD’s new song, One Of A Kind.

Since I’m up to date on TTBY, Faith and Miss Hegehog and Panda, I’m back to watching Bridal Mask which is just…. COOL!

In some parts I had my hand over my mouth I was so shocked in others I was like KYAZXRFGYHUB FDFYG! Shunji! DUDE! WTF MAN?! Before you were so nice! It’s so sad to see him turn into such a horrid person ._. πŸ˜₯ I’m hoping that in the end he realises that he needs to STOP and be NORMAL again!

But yeah. Good drama – probbly be the next drama I start raving about.

I’m gonna go watch it now πŸ™‚ XD

I heard this ost in the drama and was like… EPIC! So, I found it and have been listening to it all morning –

I’m thinking that at the begining the language they’re speeking is either Latin or Italian… Also I have to say, I bet Japanese people don’t like Bridal Mask… If you watch it I think you’ll understand!

I’m off now πŸ˜€ cya!
Jo-Jo xx


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