Sister’s EXO attack and Faith&TTBY!

Good day everybody! Just came on and saw that my sister has come on and done a EXO post, which scared me! I didn’t realise she had done it so I was like…


But then when I acctually READ it… I… understood -.-”

Who’s been watching Faith? *puts hand up* MEEEE!!!


So GOOD! Though, it is DEFFO not for the faint hearted…. so many operations…. yuck….

Main reason is Lee Min Ho… jsut pointing out the obvious!

A minute ago I descovered To The Beautiful You subs for the first episode!!!! KYAAAAA! IT’s FINALLY COME OUT!!!!!~~


image (this gif is pretty appropriate since Min Ho is in TTBY ;D)

I’m gonna watch it but boy… my laptop is lagging bad TT_TT UG! It chooses the WORST times. I’ll be back soon, caio caio!

Jo-Jo xx


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