Your Opinion

Yesterday EXO(K) won with their song Angel!

Now who will my finger click today… hope I don’t choose a hard one again =.=”

I Need A Girl by TaeYang feat. G Dragon (MV feat. Sandra Park of 2NE1)

One of the songs I just LOVE! It features alot of people… There’s a dance version too but yeah… GD is my BIGBANG bais 😀 ;D I don’t really know what to say… I just LIKE it… XD

I Knew It by B2ST/Beast

Nice, loving the rythm. Interesting instruments but cool, make it sound good. No MV for this one so try to focus just on the song. I think their voices are just, super. They go well and the rapping goes fine aswell! Good sound effects – I love the bit where they sing “Arrassoo!~” 1:23 – 1:25

Thanks for voting!~

Off to try and carry on watching Full House, I’ll probbly stop it knowng me though -.-” Raining pretty bad outside O_O”

Jo-Jo xx


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