Dentist – EEEKKK!

I had to go to the dentist today – I just got back infact! I had to get my “teeth cleaned” or would you say “Plaque removed”…. I just looked up tooth plaque on google images O_O that’s GROSS!!! I don’t have teeth like this –

So don’t worry…


Any way, when we arrived my sister was like



But I only get nervous at the last minute so, I was fine. When we got there the woman doing our teeth (who our mum said is really rough and makes your teeth hurt) appeared – I was just talking about how bad the tooth brushes they sell are, bad timing…

We were told to come through and she was like “Oh yeah, your mum doesn’t need to come”




My sister was like “Haha… mummy, can you PLEASE come??”

Mummy: “No, you’ll be fine!”



We got in there and I went first, because it’s better to get it over and done with, right?

Yeah… It was OK…

It was acctually not that bad! Though it did make my mouth bleed =_=

I survived and lived through it so I am now back at home in my compfy chair doing what I always do – playing on my laptop. I love my life.

Jo-Jo xx


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