Your Opinion

As you may know from my other post, last time SS105 won with Find! 😀

Today It’s between these two –

Tablo – Home

So touching and beautiful! This is just… one of the many songs that should represent the power and emotions that kpop can offer. Such an amazing song and Tablo’s songs are aways great and make you feel something. Lee Sora just, wow, her voice is stunning and FAB! Good job! When I heard this song first I couldn’t stop listening to it, their voices acctually fit well and at first I was like, just rap? But they fitted alot in and it still sounds epic. I would say this is one of my favourite ever emotional kpop songs out there. In one word – Masterpiece!

EXOK – Angel

Oh lord…. why did my finger have to go and pic this song TT_TT I LOVE IT! BUT I LOVE HOME TOO! THIS LIFE IS UNFAIR! This song makes me feel like I’m floating around somewhere with great scenery in a bubble…. a dreamy feeling? Also that hint of sadness. Perfection, just… great. I can’t believe I picked this! Then again… I’m not the one voting… THANK GOODNESS! As you may know, EXO = My heart so… If, for me, it was EXO vs. Home (Such a great song) I would be like “I’d rather die than vote D:”


Jo-Jo xx


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