Favourite Song of the Day (3 way split!)

Well Today it’s super hard to choose a FSOTD! Last night and this morning I’ve been addicted to Suju’s new song “SPY” which is just epic.

SPY by Super Junior

There are no words to describe how much I like this song! This super chic and suave(that is a word!) MV and song makes me wanna get up and dance and watch James Bond! Dance moves are slower than what I was expecting but just make it feel more classy so it’s fine. Has to be said that it’s not the best MV ever but I bet they had such fun playing with thoose (hopefully fake) guns! They’re all looking pretty good in this MV and I’m guessing their new concept is “Spy”… Suites well…

The next song I was obsessed with was Nu’est’s Not Over You

Not Over You by Nu’est

No offence, so please, don’t take this to heart, but is it just me or does  Beakho’s smile look kind … fake and forced?

Check 0:16 – 0:31

Yeah I’m sure he’s normally happy and nice but… at least once in the MV do the other stop smiling, but from what I see he doesn’t stop smiling ONCE!

When he goes through thoose doors at 0:16 ande is smiling already I’m like, ok!

Then … he doesn’t STOP! AND SO! I have constructed a picture to show what I mean…

He is so, SMILEY!

But after raking that video TO DEATH, I have noticed that he does stop smiling in SOME parts…

It’s only that it shows them for like… a second and then move on to one of him smiling!

The MV is so-so! I personly think they don’t all suit the “cutesy” and “lets all look like BEST friends” look… though I’m sure they really are all friends, they had to make it look like they really are… being overly friendly to make the MV a cute happy one… I just… prefer the rougher them! Though Ren (who loves pink in this MV – look at his shirt and the bike he rides, yes! I did notice your pink wheels! Trendy ;D) looks too pretty to look rough but some how… doesn’t fit that well into this cutey thing… I swear though, he is prettier than most of the girls I know O_O

The song is nice and I love the “O”ing 😀 Not as good as some of their others but I don’t mind, I think they are just trying to prove that they can do another style of music.

My REAL FSOTD is acctually… after all that… Rock Your Body by VIXX!

Rock Your Body by VIXX

I loved Super man by VIXX and now this. I like. Dasom, I guess you would say, “acts” in this MV as the pretty gamer. She descovers an abandoned games arcade and finds a game she thinks looks interesting called “rock your body” which I just realised right now sounds pretty wrong… “I’m gonna play rock your body… it has lots of hot men in it… dancing…. yeah…” That would sound BAD!

She must be lucky since she already found an awesome abandoned arcade and now a penny! I would keep it and look around first – don’t waste on random games! Then again… I would be pretty sad if I missed out on playing a game where the characters come to life…

The sets are perfect, song goes perfectly with dance moves and set. Clothing is meh… I’m not exactly like “wow! Their outfits go so well!” but… psh. 2:54 – 2:58 I like that dance and thus am naming it The Car Dance! I like it, the dancing also fits the gaming feel. Dasom… I don’t think she should ever be alowed to ride a car… 3:47 – 3:49 O_o she drives like a maniac!!! Dasom is so sweet though!

I have been listening to this non-stop after I found it and boy… I could listen to it all day EVERY DAY! IT’S SO GOOD! I love how they added the bit at the begining to make it more… retro… if you know what I mean?  That kinda thing u would hear in pac-man >_<

Well, thank you, thank you all… that is – if you ACCTUALLY read all THAT! I’m not gonna hold it against you if you didn’t because this took along time to write so I’m guessing it’s LOOOOOOOOOONG!

May I also say that in the last YO, SS501 won! Come back soon and I will have hopefully have put up the latest YO! I do have to go in the shower first though… T_T I don’t wanna! I’m a lazy girl TT__TT *sobs* I take forever so YO may come late ^^

Jo-Jo xx



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