Back from France, B1A4 bais’ birthday – GONG CHAN!

Well hello, or should I say “Bonjour” everyone!

I arrived back from France the day before yesterday and thus, I was sleeping all yesterday because I was literally drained of energy!

MAAAAAAAHHHHH, I’m still sleepy. I woke up early today! I got up at 10 =_= ug!

France was SO HOT! And they FORCED us to play sport like, EVERYDAY ALL DAY! I was up doing something non-stop all day T_T I HATE SPORT!

I had to get up at 4 in the morning which everyone would laugh and be like “LOL! You? Wake up a 4?! YEAH RIGHT!” Took the ferry over to france and then drove for ages. When we got there we played football for EVER! This was in the afternoon T_T for like an HOUR! It was still HOT TO DEATH! I callapsed on the floor,


and then we were called in for dinner. Thank the lord!

Their food, nooffence… was GROSS! Me and my sister were like


Oh…. boy…. this looks…. so delicious… ha….

We had to force ourselves to eat it. I hate tomatoes…. and they gave me tomatoe and sweetcorn salad … I was like


But… in my head… so they didn’t hear me. That would just be rude.

Everyday they were like “Do you want to play *insert sport here*?”

I was like



We played tennis, basketball, football, on the trampoline and the wii.

We played basket ball for so long and so much.


Through out the whole thing I couldn’t say anything except “Merci” “Non svp” and “Oui!” so as you can imagine, t’was very hard!

We visited an chateaux which was pretty massive… but cool! We went to EVERYTHING! They had the weirdest art exhibition EVER on diplay…

The next day we went for a picnic on the top of a hill and had ham and gherkin sandwich… GHERKINS…



My sister pretended that she “Accidently” dropped some of he gherkin’s on the floor, where as I ate mine… *sigh*

I may upload some pics from france later ;D

Me and my my went mad in the ferry shop on the way back! I baught lots of awesome stuff… well… 3 things! (please excuse bad quality (it’s my web cam, okay? T_T) and I’m also wearing my PJ’s… XD)


Blue bag


Tennis racket and ball necklace (which my mum loved)


Angel wings braclet

… I realised that that was kinda weird… putting up jewelry and stuff up… but yeah… thought u may have been interested (?) XD

My sister suffered really bad seasickness but, she’s fine now!

Today is my B1A4 bais’ birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GONG CHAN SHIK! 19 today!

I think this calls for a gong chan spazz gif attack?! YAAAAY!





Happy birthday my favourite maknae!!


Jo-Jo xx



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