Olympic Spirit and Favourite Song of the Day

Helloooo! Sorry I haven’t been on everyday -_- It’s too much effort… I’m at my house with my best friend at the moment, she is a kyc fan >_<”

We’ve been watching King 2 hearts together – I’ve watched up to episode 10 already but my friend just finished roof top prince and wanted to start it. Still good and I had to restrain myself from telling her what was gonna happen next every few minutes.

Here’s my friend to say hello 😀 –

“HI GUYS!! It’s an honor to be able to speak on my favourite website 🙂 。◕‿‿◕。 BYEEE!

back to JoJo”

Hahaha, yes… She kept it short and sweet.

Has eveyone got into the olympics? I’m supporting team GB (though I am not really a sports person…) and also korean obviously XDDD

We’re playing football against them later D: (SK vs. GB <— NAAAOOOOO) My sister is obsessed I think -.-”

Firstly I typed “Sog” instead of “Song” for the title -.-” I don’t think I’ve quite woken up yet!!!! I got up 3 hrs earlier than usual…. SOB!


Normally get up at 12 or 1 =_= I’M IN ZOMBIE MODE!!!

Yesterday I went to my friends party and I was last both times we played -.-”


My bestfriend was so gooooooooooooooooood!

Anyway! We went to this olympic themed activity thinggy at the athletic stadium near (ish) us. That was fun, exept I failed at table-tennis! X’D

Now you see how I suck at sport!!!


Here’s my FSOTD!!!

GLAM – Party (XXO)

An awesome track! They remind me so much of GPBasic! The MV is funky and their clothes are fine. Set is cool, effects are good and Props good! Like this song alot though it’s abit random -.- Good job. Love the song! ❤

Jo-Jo xx


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