Favourite Song of the Day

My favourite song today has no full MV but is Midnight by B2ST which was released recently!

Midnight by B2ST/Beast

Love this song and all their other songs from their album Midnight Sun –


Totally loving it. They went to NYC to film their 1min:16secs Midnight MV –


Their song – Midnight Sun’s MV –

I like this song >_< The tune is catchy! The MV is nice and they must have had so much fun making it! Spray paint was cool 😀 nice touch. Bouncing cars though… wtf…? Didn’t like Kikwang’s (my bais ;D – currently) hair… but there we go, still got talent. I always love B2ST’s stuff, they were the first boy group I ever listened to! Mostly all of their outfits in this MV were great! There is so much use of colour and I LOVE it! The colours/colour effects in this MV are awesome! The skaters are really good and I love the part where Kikwang (I think Kikwang says it but idk) says “I just wanna love you all alone!” – I didn’t at first but now I find it cute ^-^ I love their coloured hair – To be honest Kikwang’s hair’s not SO bad… Yoseob’s hair is cool… All of their hair looks cool now but I have watched it alot….

Jo-Jo xx


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