Back Again – Japan WON!

Hey Guys! Yeah… I haven’t been on in a while -.-” Missed you though!

Hope everyone is having a super-duper summer holiday – although… for me the weather is not…. AMAZING! But meh, I’ll live! I’ve already been to Turkey ūüėÄ

Turkey was… well… it was so HOT! Not under 40 degrees (Celsius) every day! 30/above at night =_= TOO HOT! The hottest it got was 46!

We were all like


and lay like this


on our sun-loungers/BEAN-BAGS!(OH YEAHHHHH! Awesome! And very compfy >_<) ALL holiday! It was too hot to do anything!

When we finally went some where we,

1. Got lost

2. Got taken on a tour by a random man… O_O



3. Abandoned by my sister and mum and left with my dad and this random scary man…image

4. Asked to pay money

5. Pay up quick… but only have¬†¬†3 lyira (Turkish currency – about ¬£1 something)¬†and¬†a 20 lyira note which we need to use to¬†pay for the rocktombs we were gonna go see¬†… Uh-Oh


5. Left/Ran away ASAP!

6. Hide, Have a drink in a cafe, far, far away as possible from the man!

7. Woman comes along and plonks a tub containing two turtles on our table… wtf…?!


My favourite animals are Turtles/Tortouises! So I was like!


They were sooo cute!

Here’s a picture –

We also

. Missed all the nice shops and walked past all these Phone shops and Kitchen shops…

. Tried to find some ruins and came to a dead end… Random young boy started shouting¬†to us…¬† so I was like RUN AWAAAY!

. We missed the first boat back that we were gonna take and had to wait in a cafe.

We were happy to get back to our lovely SAFE hotel!

So yeah… Interesting…

Worst of all, when we got back home, we waited for ages at Luggage Re-claim thing and everyone in my family – besides me – got their suitcases back… But We waited untill they turned all of them off and I was like…


Where… is mine? They had lost it -_-

I was so upset!!!


All my favourite clothes… EVERYTHING!


My sister was like “It’s Okay… Don’t be upset – everything will be fine and you’ll get it back!… Wait a sec… WAS MY BOOK IN THERE? OMG! YOU BETTER NOT HAVE LOST MY BOOK!”



I got back though! So it’s okay now!

Yesterday, my sister, bestfriend, Latin Teacher, 3 random other girls from our school, my dad, random English teacher, mini bus driver and I¬†went to the first Olympic event – Women’s Football! We saw Japan vs. Canada!

We OBVIOUSLY supported Japan ;D They won 2-1!! YYYAYAYAYAYY! 2 great goals!

The people behind us were SO annoying! They kept PRODDING us as a joke -__- I felt like turning round and going:



But I kept calm.

Jo-Jo xx


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