Sorry! & Sports Day

Sorry that I didn’t tell you my FSOTD (Which was Belive by U-Kiss) and do a YO yesterday! I had to go to do some cooking in the woods -.-”

Today was Sports Day, and the only event I did was Javelin!

I had to wait for my go for ever -_- So while I was waiting I helped them with a few little jobs like measuring how far they went and such…

After I had waited FOR EVER to through the stupid thing they called me back…

When they went “Jo!” I knew something was coming so I turned around like.


They were all like “Soooo, the only event you’ve got is Javelin Huh… could you… possibly (No choice so basically – you will) help us out?”

I had no choice but to say yes!

I wanted to go back and talk to my friends ._.!

It was not so bad, I a few house points and I got to wear a high-vis vest which made me fell special.


Pretty awesome right… everyone wants to wear one, don’t deny it! I know you do!

The flipping Ice cream van finally came after a LOOONG time! I thought it would never turn up! The que/line for the van was loooong! Everyone was crowded and squished together, trying to get closer to the van. Millions of annoying people skipped the line/que and went further infront D: My sister was inclueded in those people, she managed to get an icecream before me and my friend and I got they before her =_=


She wasn’t even like “aww poor you.” No… she was all like



Then when we got back to school, I had to go to Chemistry. When we got there we had a supply teacher because our normal teacher wasn’t there. Either our normal teacher or her set us this work that was IMPOSSIBLE! like… woah. We all read it and then told her,



She started getting annoyed at us because we kept saying “I do not understand any of this…!” “we haven’t done this before” “This is just a whole load of questions…Where is the information we need to answer them?”

She got angry!


Me and the person I was sitting next to just carried on talking and she was like



… really?



Then I grabbed a peice of paper and showed her what messy handwriting really looked like and she siad no! and did another demenstration and it kept going on and on, we kept doing messy writing on this piece of paper. I laughed and then all of a sudden the teacher is like “YOU!” *gulp* “M-me?” “BRING YOUR STUFF AND SIT NEXT TO ME HERE!” right… at the front… of the class room…. ;-;


I had to put the piece of paper with our messy hand writing stuff all over it on her desk. I saw her look at it like… wtf… Me and my friend had just put “Hello my name is _ _ _ _” over and over. I’m guessing she thought it was something more interesting than that…

ALSO… in the SAME lesson still, someone heard a gas tap running so everyone started to panic! Everyone’s like “OMG! That’s not good! We’re gonna die!” The teacher said “I DON’T WANT TO DIE!” and ran over to open the window. Someone thought it was coming from this special glass box experiment containing thing and so they closed it but everyone was like “NOOOOOO! If you do that too much will build up in there and it will explode!” The teacher by this time was VERY SCARED!

Yeah… we found out there wasn’t a gas tap on and it was just a tap… …

My house won Sports Day! Over all we use to be in last place, but we have slowly climbed upp and now we are first! I’m so happy!

When the announcer said that our house won everyone in my house was SO happy!


We screamed and probbly killed everyone’s ears… nvm!

I’ll hopefully/probbly put up my FSOTD and YO today! Check KYC later and it should be up! If you miss it to night then don’t worry! You have untill tomorrow after noon to vote too!

Jo-Jo xx


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