Today To You and


I think I may have abandoned Sungkyunkwan Scandal for a bit… D: Thanks to my friend I’ve started watching Playful Kiss again XD Nothing much happened today…


So… Shall I randomly rant on about something I noticed?

Don’t you think that recently boy group’s concept/apperance/ you know… theme… is “Hurt” like… physically?!

I mean, Infinite had a song out recently called The Chaser (which was AWESOME! I’m an inspirit ;)) and in the MV there was an endless car crash. (Lol! Just realised how that fits in with “Infinity” and links with their name… that’s cool) I really, really like this song! So much it would be hard to express in words…. that just sounds weird now. But you get it! As usal, great dancing! Their dancing in BTD was just… mind blowing… I LOVE the blue, white and pinky colours used in this! They look so nice together *.*! It basically shows them chasing which is super great because that’s what the name of the song is! THANK YOU! Good title choice! They  looked a tiny bit gangster-ish too, right? It’s also about pain right! RIIGHT! Soooo! That brings us to another group that had a song out recntly called TO YOU!

Teen Top came out with To You, which is ASDFGHJKL!


I always seem not to get bored of this MV and watch it every time I click it… In this MV we can see that they are litterally in pain which is expressed extremly well through their make up! Well done make-up artists! They’re all pretty gangster-ish appearence-wise right??? I always seem not to get bored of this MV and watch it every time I click it… I’m not going crazy now… I hope! But, what i see is a trend going on here! – They have some pretty flipping good dancing skills right O_O!

My friend told me the other day that Infinite and Teen Top were rivals… I had no idea! But now I see it! I see what they did there… They are both doing the same theme/concept to see who is best! I saw how they bost sneeked in motor bikes to have a who’s-bike-is-best compatition! Though, in Teen Top they had a girl… In Infinite’s video’s… they rarely/never have girls… and I just realised that O_o AHEM!

Wait up if you wanna find out my Favourite Song of the Day! 😉

Jo-Jo xx


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