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I’m very disapointed! Do you know how much I was looking forward to seeing BoA vs FTIsland! NOONE VOTED! D:< GRRR!

I just asked my friend now and she told me that “Hurricane Venus is a catchy song by FTIsland’s Girls Don’t Know is more of a sad ish sounding song.” Eventually, after I forced her to, she said that she liked Hurricane Venus better because she’s been obsessed with it lately. And so, we have a winner! BoA – Congrats!

Today, who will win?


Beautiful! So sad it could move someone to tears, I’m sure. People say if they watch the live version they would cry for sure. The MV is FANTASTIC! The use of black and white (What is up with all of this black and white stuff today?!) is perfect and very well done. The lighting is fab and the set they used, I like. One small thing to say though. Even though the girl’s physical acting – spinning around, walking werid, shoving stuff of the dressing table, going spazz on the bed etc. her facial expressions didn’t really change… sometimes she did great! But you also have to agree with me that she used the same expression a bit. In these kind of things you need to be overly dramatic! Nahhh… she sis fine! There’s no way I could do a better job so i’ll just shut up now. She totally played with her hair to much though -_- She flicks it like… every 2 seconds! AG!


Last Night by Chaos

Love this song though many people miss hear “Last Night” as… “Breast Night” O_o

As vineo1223 on youtube said,

“It’s hard to separate out “L” and “R” for koreans

because “L” and “R” are same alphabet(“ㄹ”) in korean”

So that explains it! They’re really saying Last Night! Trust me. XD

I dunno if I like this song better than their other song, She’s Coming which I thinks nice. Probbly not because I loved She’s Coming, it was a fun song! The beat is sooo funky and their voices were perfect for it. I also liked the MV though… nothing much happened exept millions of close-ups -.-” and how they must be lumberjack’s because their dancing by random wood piles… normal…

So yeah, nice song.

Thanks for voting! You’re awesome! What… you haven’t? Then… vote! Go on! It’s not going to kill you to click a button is it?

Hahahah XD

Jo-Jo xx


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