Mr Simple in John Lewis

Firstly, Happy Father’s day everyone! Hope everyone’s been having a nice time with their dad’s today!

Next off I MUST tell you what happened today!

When I was in John Lewis waiting for my dad, I went over to the children’s clothes section to see if they had anything in my size. I was literally about to leave when I heard something strangely familiar coming from the TV section which was right next to the clothes area. When I realised what it was in found myself slowly plodding over. As I got closer I moved quicker and started to run! When I looked up I saw THIS:

Mr Simple by SUPER JUNIOR! You have no idea how amazed I was! I started going “Oh.. My… GOSH!” and pacing around while covering my mouth and staring up at the LG 3D TV! At this time the song was nearly finished and I was like… OMG! I need to show this to someone but I don’t have my phone D:! Just then my sister and my mum came over and I said,




Becca (sister): “OMG! REALLY!?!?!?!?!?!”

Mummy:  “… what??”

Me: “I was over there looking at clothes when I heard korean music and I came over here and it was playing mr simpleeeeee! OMGOMG!!!! *spazz*”

Mummy: “Oh… Korean stuff!”

I saw my friend and told her and she was surprised and happy too!

You have no idea how stunned I was! Thank you LG! You’re awesome! This 3D MV of Mr Simple is different as you may have noticed to the origional – It also has Sulli and Victoria (Fx) in it! You can see how they tried to cram as much 3D stuff as possible in there… Also, is it just me or does Shin Dong look slightly creepy… His eyes look… odd…

Wait for a bit if you want to vote for today’s YO winner or read about my FSOTD!

Jo-Jo xx


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