Favourite Song of The Day

Today my fave song today is –

Good Boy by Baek Ji Young (feat. Yong Jun Hyung from B2ST)

Liking this song! Though I swear a tiny bit of it reminded me of another song you’ll ALL know… another song by her but with Taecyeon… Yup! That song! My Ear’s Candy! But i dunno if it really reminds me of it or if thats just because thats the only other song by her i know -.-” The use of the word “Mama” gets slightly on my nerves… never mind…

At the begining of the song “That’s a good boy!” was said… and it made me loose focus of the song! It was just SO FUNNY! Her voice :’) Oh gosh! I dunno if it’s just me but i burst out laughing! The dog’s a good prop in this song. And they didn’t use a cute, fluffy dog. Oh no! In a song like this they (thankfully) chose a tough dog. Good! I do not wish to see a poodle or chiwawa trotting along cutely/happily and then all this powerful and anti-cute music plays!!

Dunno if it’s just me or does she think she’s all that? In both the MV’s I’ve seen she’s got good looking men singing with her and her costume’s are … interesting as if she wants attention. I think this is deffo not her fault! It’s the company’s. The ones who came up with this idea of having a guy by my side non-stop. I mean, the apperance compared to last time is alot better. (Though don’t think I didn’t realise they took Beyonce’s costume idea!) I have nothing against it atall truthfully deep down really… It’s just… I dunno, I had to say it.

The song is great and her voice is nice. Yong Jun Hyung’s rap’s great too and he fits in ok. I love the use of Black and White, though it’s pretty un-origional, in this MV. Costumes are meh! Hair, yup fine. All not too bad!

Jo-Jo xx


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