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Congrats to KPOP The Ultimate Audition who won yesterday’s OST special! Today’s back to normal and so its between…

BoA with Hurricane Venus

Though it sounds so unbelievibly wrong when she says “Venus” this song is AWESOME! So,so,so,so addictive! I bet you you’ll be playing it over and over again! Also, you’ll be singing it non-stop! I still sing it from time to time because it’s such a memerable song XD


FTIsland with Girls Don’t Know

I so love FTIsland. They’re not like lots of the other k-pop groups at the moment, their songs are just… different! Though they are slightly on the same shelf as CNBlue, and yes I know that they’re rivals, I still think they have a unique and origional sound which sounds a tiny bit more of a japanese-korean kind of type of music. I love it!! + Hong Ki – Jeremy 😉 ❤ My FTIsland bais!

Thanks for voting! You’re da best!! *hugs*

Everyone sorted for fathers day tomorrow?? If not, good luck O_o

Jo-Jo xx


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