Friend Spazzing and FSOTD

Today my best friend came round and we had a MASSIVE spazz!










ahem… we were acc. that hyper btw! My friend was on the floor 70% of the time! (;D) We played a you-must-not-laugh game but…

We all kinda failed that… like… we would bust out laughing after we said 3,2,1 – especially my friend… -_- honestly! I won the most >=) BWAHAHAHA! I beat my sister and my bestfriend >_<


Me and my friend went up to my room and we started to watch Playful Kiss – which I’ve seen already btw! It really makes me want to watch it all again D=< I have so much to watch already and now there’s morrrrre! ASDFGHJKL! But I guess it’s better to have loads to watch rather than nothing… when I have nothing it’s REALLY hard to find something good untill some thing new comes out that I take an interest in or I decide to try and watch a series again!

Anyway! Here is my Favourite Song Of The Day –

E.R by Dalmatian

Loooove the song! Really great song from them – I also live That Man Opposed ALOT and I can see this is a COMPLETELY different style and concept they’re going for in this MV & Song when I compare them. Before, they were cuter and it was all about inoccent love and now they’ve all got tatoo’s and stripping (half naked) – ALL OF THEM in the middle of the MV. BIIIG change! Like the song but not sure about their new style/appearence yet!

YESTERDAY’S YO WINNER was I Already Knew by GO & Mir (From MBLAQ) – KPOP the Ultimate Audition

Just so you know – if I haven’t put this before which I’m sure I most likely have… My sister was first to officially find this drama! Though I had it on my “To Watch” list, my sister was basically the first to find it! Many thanks to her. Also I want to add another congratulations to her because she managed to get into the football team she applied for. (along with another of our friends who also got in – welldone!) You did VERY well becca and I’m very proud of you ;D

See my next post for your chance to vote in today’s Your Opinion!

Jo-Jo xx


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