Your Opinion – Friday OST Special

Yesterday’s YO got 3 votes on Roly Bona Poly by a youtuber, so congrats!

Today is the FRIDAY OST SPECIAL!!! Woop de woop!

And thus, today’s contestants areeee *drum roll*

Mr. Perfect from the Absolute Boyfriend Taiwan OST (It’s in Chinese)

I’m so sad that I haven’t been keeping up with this drama! I have completely forgotten where on earth I am in the drama! D: It’s really good! And don’t be like O_O WTF! Why is there a half naked man at the begining?! Yes it is… abit… hm… well, idk how to explain! But don’t let that put you off! It’s still super funny and I love Goo Hye Sun! (who also was in BoF, which I stopped -.-“) When I first heard the ending song it nearly made me cry! I dunno why… the video and the music just clicked so well together and the sung is just great.

Pretend we Never Loved – Ending OST

*sob sob* I must finish this drama one day.. after Sungkyunkwan Scandal


I already Knew from KPOP the Ultimate Survival sung by G.O. & Mir (:D)

Great drama though I have not been watching it recently so I dunno right now… It’s most likly finished so once again… I’m gonna have to start it up again. I was acc. addicted to this song when i was watching it! I like it and the instruments. Mir is my joint first bais with Thunder so that was an added bonus 😉 MBLAQ also appear in the drama once or twice along the way at which point I’m like AHHH! MBLAQ :D!

Many People are saying this is a re-make of YB which in a way is true. Yes, It’s got the same idea od a girl joining a male group and the idea of the evil reporters, but I don’t think it is like that really. When I watched it, yeah I did go “Ha… this is like You’re Beautiful!” but after a while, like… the first 10mins you’re like… hm… different completely. Or thats what i thought! It’s good but I dunno if it’s really right to compare it to YB.

Thanks for your vote!

Jo-Jo xx


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