Hello & Favourite Song of the Day

Hey everyone!

I was back late from school today because me, my mum and my sister went shopping after school! XD I got a new peace sign braclet (to add to my collection of peace sign stuff) which my sister found in Next! It’s really cool and I love the colour – Purple.

NOW THAT I AM BACK! I must rush FSOTD and YO so I can watch some more Sungkyunkwan Scandal!!!! Must D: I neeeed tooo waaaatch!

SO. My favourite song of the day today is Love Style by BOYFRIEND!(kyeeeaaa!)


Omg!!!! I really love this song for some reason! My friend doesn’t really like it and says she thinks it’s not their best song (which I agree with) but I like it!

As for the MV… I wouldn’t quite the same… It was way too cutesy and pink and flowery! At moments there were HUGE fashion disasters! I was thinking in some points of the MV… WTF ARE THEY WEARING!?!

No… Just no… please…

Other times I thought the costume was great and super stylish! They must have a baist stylist who’s like:
Stylist: “OMG! Jo Youngmin!!! KYAA! Omg! Take this *dribble* I LOVE YOU OMG OMG!”

Jo Youngmin: “… but isn’t this better than No Minwoo’s? Isn’t that a little un-fair? I’ve been having alot more attention recently so I’ll give it to him!”

Stylist: “NAOOOOOO! Keep it! I’ll get him a better one!” *turns to No Minwoo and glares* “Take this… ” *shoves a nicer costume to him*

No Minwoo: “WHY YOU HATE MEEE? D:”

Awww poor No Minwoo! That was made up btw incase you have some stupid idea that I’m Jo Youngmin baist… and i also have nothing against No Minwoo!

I’ll move onto YO now so don’t forget to vote!

Also, if you have the time – check out my “Coming Soon” page where I have uploaded some info on Lee Min Ho’s new HISTORICAL drama coming out in August, Faith! I can’t wait!

Jo-Jo xx







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