Your Opinion

As you may know if you read my 1st post, Rain won yesterday! Congrats Rain!

Today it’s between these two!

Don’t Hurt by Bohemian

Dramatic MV right!!! It’s kinda about a girl with some kind of mental problem or something (right..?) and someone who is looking after her but not letting her out of the house and she wants to leave the house. So she… goes and kills him -_- Silly girl! I like this song, sad and their voices are great and go well.


Roly Bona Poly by Rjee123456MU (a mash-up made by a youtuber)

That’s pretty good/cool right! First wasn’t so keen on it, but it’s not bad acctually! Quite funky and jazzy – I could dance along easily… my version of dancing is spazzing so it wouldn’t be asian kpop group standard… HOW DO THEY DANCE SO GOOD!?!? What is wrong with them?! I know they get practice, but even with that amout of practice I would be TERRIBLE!

SO! You there! You’ve managed to either read all of that and listen to all the video’s, just listen to the video’s or skip straight to this bit – the poll! either three – idk! JUST VOTE BELOW PLEASE!

Thanks for your vote!~ Everyone counts!

Jo-Jo xx

(PS. I forgot to ask you all about the panda’s gender! vote below!



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