Hello everyonnnne! How are you all? Weather today has been… decent!

At school we are still currently getting our end of year test results back, EEEEP! Haha… they’ve been… goodish… Some people in my school are seriosuly genius’! My friend got 99%! IN MATHS! I feel proud of her, thats amazing! 😀

I think I just HAVE to tell you about my Sungkyunkwan Scandal addiction right now… This is my second time watching the WHOLE thing – I’m re-watching it. And. It is FANTASTIC! (wow, fantastic baby!) What’s that you say? You haven’t watched it?!

What’s wrong with you?

Go watch it!

I’m feeling like I should add abit of a pic and gif spam here… I’ll just go ahead!

YooChun is great in this drama and other historical dramas like ROOF TOP PRINCE which I finished and cried 4 times during the last 2 episodes D’: SO SAD!

JoongKi is TOTALY HILARIOUS! Though he acts like a bit of a perv some times… by thats just who hes acting not him personally so don’t get confused!

Ah In (Moon Jae Shin) is my FAVOURITE charecter 😀 He’s so sweet which his cute hiccups!

d’aawwww! Why didn’t he get with Park Min Young?!?!

So firstly how about a small Ah In spam!!!


(what is up with the mini ones…?? Go get a magnifying glass! XD)

I love Gu Yong Ah and Moon Jae Shin’s relationship in this drama!

I mean seriously.. there are loads of (yaoi) fans out there that ship Moon Jae Shin and Gu Young Ha… Moon Jae Shin ❤ Gu Young Ha shippers are very… very angry they didn’t end up togther… PUH-LEASE!

“I really think they should end up together, even though they’re two men during the Joseon era of Korea…”

“Moon Jae Shin and Gu Young Ha didn’t end up together..


For all the non-yaoi fans out there THANK YOU for keeping this a STRAIGHT and ANTI GAY drama!

I really don’t mean to sound bad and all like blah blah gays ewww! But I personally would like to think of them as CLOSE friends, nearly brothers and keep their relationship like that because it’s so nice to see it! Makes my heart all fuzzy and warm because their relationship is such a nice friendship!


My computer is being stupid right now and everything is going REALLY slow so… D: sorry! No proper gif spam! I’ll do the rest tomorrow :’D

Everyone: PLEASE! NO MORE! I need no more convincing! I’ve seen enough! Please don’t bore me any more!

Me: TOO BAD! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Don’t like reading what I’ve put then please feel free to scroll down and skip it!


I would also like to ask you all, what should KYC’s Panda mascot’s name be?

Please tell me your suggestion below in the comments! If you’re lucky then I’ll select your suggestion! YAAAAY! ^.^

I better be off! Yesterday’s YO winner was RAIN! 1 vote from pengi – thank youuu!~

Keep waiting for today’s YO and FSOTD but they may be short again… I’m getting more and more lazy! I’m sure you didn’t read all of thoose essay’s I wrote about my FSOTD anyway so… I give up! You’re all probby not even reading this! If you are, I thank you for being such a patient person, thank you!

Jo-Jo xx


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