I’LL BE (AM) BAAAACK! (Ahem, 2PM *cough* *cough*)

I’M BAAAACKKKKK! *sob sob* I’ve missed y’all so much D:!

Now that I’m finally back from my exams AND France where I went on holiday and thus, couldn’t speek to you all – I will do everything like usual! Ahhhh! Tis’ good to be back!

In maths I decided to make a new logo and a mascot for KYC. I got my amazingly-good-at-art friend to help me with the logo and my lovely sister helped me with the mascot!

Wanna see?

You said NO?!?!



(Don’t… leave… please…!)

Well here is KYC’s new mascot! (don’t blame me for the… uh…awufulness awesomeness of this picture… I made it on Paint, ok! XD)

Hahahahaha! Look at his wibbly legs! I had to draw them free hand because i don’t have a mouse or one of those flashy drawing pad things! (my friend has one though!!! Lucky!)

I’d like to take this chance to (once again) thank my sister Becca, thank youuu!~

If you look up at the KYC header you will see that it has changed! That is one of the logo’s that I designed and there is another one that my best friend and I made but I’m not using that one YET!

I would also like to say a few thanks to all the viewers!

Firstly special thanks to everyone in the USA for visiting KYC! You are all totally the best! 😀

Next Indonesia! Thank you guys for being awesome and coming on over to my website!~

And lastly the UK, thank you!

Below is a list of the top 10 visiter’s countries (now many people from each country has visited) from 25th of February! So thanks everyone below and also the other countries I did not put up!


Later I’ll be putting up my FSOTD and please vote on today’s YO! cya soon (hopefully)

Jo-Jo x


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