Favourite Song of the Day and Your Opinion

This is going to have to be super duper quick because I’m watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal (For the second time >;D) and NEEEEED NEED NEED to watch more so I’m just litterally gonna give you the link!

Been loving it ever since i heard it (when it came out like… today or yesterday!) and the beat/rhythm is AWEEESOME!

“Na na na na na na ELECTRIC x 3 nananananananna ELECTRIC SHOCK!” <— Amazingly addictive and catchy, you’ll all agree XD

AHHHHH! Need to waaaatch!

Right, last time suffocating by Geeks won woop woop, and this time it’s between –

Howl by Parrot

Which I first heard in Goong/Princess Hours – a GREAT drama watch watch watch it!


Love Song by Rain

You gotta love rain! Total ledge! Great voice and very famous!

TO BE DIFFERENT please vote by COMMENTING! Please COMMENT below and say the name of the song and artist out of the two you would like to win!

Thanks – thoose that have watched Sungkyunkwan Scandal will know how… AASDFGHJKL it is!

Untill tomorrow,



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