Too Late to Apologise? Post all in one!

I’m sorry D:! I haven’t been on for like 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 years -_- (not that long… but you know). I have been revising every day after school (well.. nearly) and so haven’t been able to go on in the evenings like I usaly dooooo! Boo-hoo!
i will only be doing one post today, so here is my favourite song of the day,

I was going to put up BoA – Eat You up because that has been in my head non-stop ever since I listening ro it (Which was like… 2 weeks ago -_-) BUT! I will post something ELSE that’s in my head instead.
After School’s BANG!

Not really liking the 5 yearold girls dancing at the begining O_O but meh. The MV just consists of them in Drummer costumes dancing about and strutting their stuff on the cat walk. When it comes to the clamer ballad part of the song they are wearing white t-shirts with jeans (Copying Girls Generation much? Unless, this was made before Girls Generation released their first mini album…) I have to admit some of the dancing is not bad. And their voices are super – listen to AH by them, that’s also in my head right now XD. I also think they’re all super pretty! like really… Some of them don’t look like completely Koreans XD. I just had to mention on the end of this – am I the only one who finds this super catchy? (When I try to sing it, it just fails miserably)

Your Opinion –

I Remember by Bang Yong Guk (BAP) feat. Yoseob (B2ST):

Nice voices! Low voice is totally BYG -_- so obvious! i could notice his voice anyday. Also the cute Yoseob’s sweet voice was fitted into this song, nice 😀

Suffocating by Geeks: ASDFGHJKL!!!!!!

ASDFGHJKLSDFGHJKLQWERTYUIOXCVBNM!!!! I LOVE GEEKS! Their voices are just… IDK! Their songs are really good, i really love them! And this song is just AWESOME! I love the beat and rythm of the song and how well they’re edited it to make it TOTALLY FUNKY! (I may be slightly bias towards this song guys -.-” Sorry BYG and Yoseob D:)

Thanks for voting! I almost forgot to tell you that last time Block B won 2-0 against B2st – Well done.

I have come to update a little BUT! I have sad news, I think it would be better that I stop going on KYC while I am revising for the exams – THE IMPORTANT END OF YEAR ONES! (SOB!) So… Untill the summer exams are over, I will have to say FAREWELL!

Good Luck to any of you that are revising for end or year exams too! FIGHTING!

Miss you all already!


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