Your Opinion

Yesterday noone won, noone voted 😦

Today who will win?

SHOCK by B2ST/Beast

OMOMOMOMOMOMO!!!!! Love this song like… LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOADS! AWESOME SONG! So addictive! I like doing the dance move aswell, at the chorus! Guys… I would probbly choose this! But… i don’t know what the next song is XD

Tell Them by Block B

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! NOOOOO! That’s so mean! I love this too D: I don’t know which one I would choose now >_<” Lol, good luck guuuys! This was the first song I heard by Block B, after this I fell inlove with Block B, i listened to all their songs i could and some of Zico’s. Zico is a great singer aswell! I also watched MTV Match Up wich had B1A4 and Block B – HEAVEN! Lol. MTV Match up is super funny, you need to watch it ^.^

Thank you!

Jo-Jo xx


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