Favourite Song of the Day

Officially missing you by Geeks

I love this song! Meant to be sad but  I don’t think the song totally feels sad XD Main instrument is the guitar I would say, then with their singing and rapping = coooool! Only found Geeks recently and think they’re pretty awesome – there’s just the two of them.

In this MV I totally don’t like the girl… She’s kinda creepy! O_O especially when she’s in her bed room and she starts throwing stuff every where, with her mascara dripping… calm down woman! I think that it’s meant to make me pity her, but to be honest I pity the guy way more. As for the photos changing when they walk past, nicely done! I think it’s meant to represent their past is going from bright nice colours – showing their fun they had together then dark black and white photo’s – showing their pain in breaking up. They both like each other right? they should make up already! Get back together -.-

The MV is kinda common, about two people missing each other after breaking up. BUT, I like the way they presented it.. (basically the photo’s is my fave. bit >_<) Sining is great, no complaints.

Jo-Jo xx


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