Favourite Song of the Day

Painkiller by SPICA

Awesommmmmmmeeeee! Awesome awesome! Love it! Has a very epic feel to it, kinda gives me a Miss A feeling. “You don’t know me” turns into “Yeh you know me” Lol. Their appearance also reminds me alot of f(x) in Nu Abo!

Their singing is super duper, alot of the time they are singing strongly though. Not bad because it fits the song and all. They are all using the gangster theme for this song.. I take it that they were’nt meant to be aloud in the drack back street… but being the rebels they are, they go in and… sing… and dance.

How nauty! One of the members does eventually stur up enough courage to use some spray paint but EVENTUALLY they then decide to run away… Spray painting is just too bad for them!

Nice dance moves! One of them reminds me of a dance from The Boys (Girls Generation) and another reminds me of Soldier Boy… but thats just me probbly.

Jo-Jo xx




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