Your Opinion – Friday OST Special

Today is the Friday OST special!!! Yaaaay!

Yesterday’s winner was Leessang with turn off the TV.

Who will be a winner today??

Happy Ending by Jay Park from Roof Top Prince

Hahaha, love this song! It’s so happy and cute! Go Jay Paaaaark! lol. LOVE LOVE LOOOVE the drama, so funny! Yet, has a great dramatic plot with sad bits and romance! totally reccomend you watch it! Got me laughing so hard… Don’t be put off that it is partly a historical drama, because it’s not reaaalllyyyy… i guess… JUST WATCH IIIT!


Hoi Hoi song by Lee Seung Gi from My Girlfriend is a Gumhio

OMG! Love this SO SO SO much! This song that was created because of the drama is actually a version of Dooly’s Theme tune :’) It’s so unbelivably catchy! trust me. I was singing it for months… I still sing it now LOL. I stopped this drama, purely because I accidently read what happened in the end and didn’t want to carry on after spoiling it D: the bits I watched were good though!


Thanks for voting 😀

Jo-Jo xx


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